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HVK Archives: Sena counsel to seek summons on Olga Tellis

Sena counsel to seek summons on Olga Tellis - Pioneer

PTI ()
12 December 1996

Title : Sena counsel to seek summons on Olga Tellis
Author : PTI
Publication : Pioneer
Date : December 12, 1996

In a sequel to the summons served by Srikrishna Commis-
sion on CNN journalist, Ms Anita Pratap in connection
with her controversial interview of the Sena chief, Mr
Bal Thackeray in January 1993, the Sena counsel, Mr Balk-
rishna Joshi has indicated that he would seek issue of
summons to the Sunday Observer journalist, Mr Olga Tel-

Mr Joshi after his cross-examination of former Senior
Inspector, Mr B R Deshmukh, Jogeshwari Police Station
urged the Commission to take in to its records the said
Sunday Observer report which had traced the genesis of
Bombay holocaust to the infamous Radhabai Chawl incident
in which three families were burnt alive on the night of
January 7, 1993. The said article by Ms Tellis was then
taken on record by the court clerk and marked as exhibit
`3182(SS)' and proceedings were adjourned till Monday

The Sena counsel said he would move an application next
week for issue of summons to Ms Tellis, currently the
bureau chief of Sunday Observer. Earlier, the police
witness Deshmukh submitted "I would agree generally that
the stand of the Hindus with regard to the genesis of the
riots was what has been reflected in the article by Ms

The Sena counsel submitted six other report clippings
from various Marathi newspapers to the Commission which
highlight the Hindu midset during the riots. He asked the
commission to consider this factor while questioning the
witness. Clippings from English newspapers regarding
`foreign hand in riots' quoted the then Maharashtra
governor, Dr C Subramaniam and `imams setting terms for
stoppage of namaz on roads' were also taken on record
after they were shown to the witness.

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