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HVK Archives: Cong, Left blast UF on UP tangle

Cong, Left blast UF on UP tangle - The Observer

Observer Political Bureau ()
20 December 1996

Title : Cong, Left blast UF on UP tangle
Author : Observer Political Bureau
Publication : The Observer
Date : December 20, 1996

The Congress AICC spokesman V N Gadgil has blamed the United Front for
"totally mishandling the situation In Uttar Pradesh" and held it responsible
for creating a "first class constitutional crisis" in the state.

Speaking to newsmen informally, at the AICC headquarters, in New Delhi on
Thursday, Gadgil said that had the "UF accepted Mayawati as the chief
minister, this situation would not have come about." It is the UF's
short-sightedness that has resulted in the present crisis, he said.

Gadgil pointed out that the turn of events was not exactly unpredicted,
because, the "the Supreme Court judgement in the Bommai case had clearly laid
down that the majority has to be proved at the floor of the assembly." "The
Supreme court had clearly laid down," he said, "that MI-As can not he paraded
and the majority ascertained."

Therefore, he said, "the single largest party should have been called by the
UP governor to form the government." Had the BJP been called to form the
government in UP, Gadgil said, "it would have proved to be a 13-day wonder
akin to what happened at the Centre and that would have paved the way for
secular government to be formed in UP."

When it was pointed out that the Congress had supported the imposition of
President's rule in UP, Gadgil quipped, "yes, we supported the UF's folly."

Meanwhile, the Left parties, In almost identical reactions, have said that
they have always "maintained that the UP assembly should not he dissolved and
enough time should be given to all the parties to form a government."

Har Kishan Singh Surjeet the general secretary of the CPM, said In a
statement issued to the press that while the party was against the
dissolution of the house, however, it was against any avenues being left open
for horse-trading and money power. "The recent JMM MPs case shows how
purchasing of the elected representatives vitiates parliamentary democracy,"
Surjeet cautioned.

The CPI secretary of the national council Atul Kumar Anjaan asserted that the
judgement in no way paves way for the BJP to form the government." He cited
the results of the recent by-elections to the Rajya Sabha from UP when the
BJP was not able to secure even a single seat, and said that "it clearly
establishes the minority status of the BJP in the assembly." He said,
therefore "the only way BJP, can establish its majority is through

D Raja, the, National Council secretary of the CPI said that "it was a
fractured verdict in UP and unless two or more parties join together a stable
government may prove elusive." He added that "one has to wait and see how the
Supreme Court looks at the decision."

Meanwhile in Lucknow reacting to the judgement, the counsel of the petitioner
R N Trivedi said that democracy and the court of law is still supreme in the

The standing counsel of the Central government U K Dhaon said that the Centre
would file a special leave Petition in the Supreme Court as soon as possible.
He urged the judges to give the Centre and the state government to give a
time of three weeks, but justice B M Lal said that one weeks time is more
than enough and if they want any more time they are free to go to the Supreme

It may be noted that the court will have a single working day on Friday
before the winter vacation, and will reopen on January 3. The advocate
general Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar said that this would go to a early
two-member bench according to the rule of chapter 8.

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