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HVK Archives: Resist temptation for power and egoism - Advani

Resist temptation for power and egoism - Advani - Organiser

Posted By Ashok V Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
22 December 1996

Title : Resist temptation for power and egoism - Advani
Author :
Publication : Organiser
Date : December 22, 1996

BJP President, Shri Lal Krishna Advani cautioned parts. leaders to resist
temptations for power and egoism and hobnobbing with the media. releasing
statements to settle personal scores with other leaders within the party. He
said that only strictly self-disciplined leaders would help in keeping the
party united and proceeding towards attaining power in the State. He was
addressing parts leaders at the valediction session of the three-day
re-orientation camp at Bhopal. "We should not indulge in any act which would
betray the confidence the masses have reposed in us". Shri Advani said. He
pronounced that the functioning of the United Front Government indicates
mid-term polls in 1997 and for it the BJP should be prepared. The party has
decided to organise such orientation camps throughout the country to discuss
the present political situation and further strengthen the organisation
making it acceptable among the yet unapproachable sections of the society. At
a similar function at Gwalior in 1965 Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya had also
devised such an activity to increase interaction and consensus over ideas and
thoughts among party functionaries.

While talking to the newsmen the BJP president criticised the United Front
Government for misusing the constitutional provisions and demanded that the
uncertainty prevailing in Uttar Pradesh over the formation of government
should end without further delay since after more than one and a half month
of elections there, the Governor Romesh Bhandari has not taken a decision on
this. Calling it a gross violation of the Constitution. Shri Advani alleged
that the Union Government had misused Section 356 of the Constitution and
demanded an amendment to it. He recalled hoax, Section 352 (provisions of
emergency rule) was misued by the then government and later in 1977 the House
had amended the Act under which this Section Would be implemented only with a
two-third majority.

He also demanded an amendment to the selection process of the Chief Election
Commissioner. He said that due consideration would be given to the Goswami
Committee report which has suggested that a panel consisting of the Prime
Minister, Rajya Sabha Chairperson, Lok Sabha Speaker. Chief Justice of India.
Leader of the Opposition and some other prominent persons should finalise the
matter. On the Indo-China pact, he expressed the fear that it would not solve
the nation's security problem. The manner in which China had provided arms
and nuclear technology to Pakistan, has posed a threat to the nation's
security, Shri Advani added.

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