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HVK Archives: Sangeeta (or Ayesha) beware - advice to Smt Mohammed Azharuddin

Sangeeta (or Ayesha) beware - advice to Smt Mohammed Azharuddin - Communalism Combat

Sultan Shahin ()
96 December

Title : 'Sangeeta (Ayesha) beware!' - advice to Smt Mohammed Azharuddin
Author : Sultan Shahin
Publication : Communalism Combat
Date : December 96

(The writer was sacked from the editorship of a Muslim-owned magazine in 1991
for his refusal to convert his Hindu wife to Islam).

I understand your plight, Sangeeta. Once you are caught up in the games of
conversion maniacs, there is no easy way out. But you do not understand your
own plight, the mess you are in along with your new found husband. Now listen
carefully. You married Azhar under the Special Marriage Act on Thursday. Your
marriage was consummate, I fear, the same night or the following night.
(Islamic law is seriously concerned about consummation of marriages, so don't
laugh and take this seriously). Then you converted to Islam on Saturday and
again married the same guy under Muslim Personal Law. But since as a Muslim
you have performed nikah only two days later on Saturday, you are guilty of
pre-marital sex under the laws of your new religion.

How many lashes do you think you deserve on your bare back, Ayesha? I am not
too sure. But certainly enough to disable you for life.

Your case is, however, not so simple. Since Azharuddin, a hereditary Muslim,
married you in a court of law and presumably consummated his marriage as well
before you converted to Islam, he had gone out of the pale of Islam before
Saturday. now when you converted to Islam on Saturday, you actually married a
non-Muslim, according to the popular interpretation of Islam, and if you
consummated your marriage the same night, you went right out of the fold of
Islam. Back to the pavilion, as it were.

You must realise that I am no authority on Muslim law. But the authorities
would soon be hounding you the moment they realise that you have put an end
to not only your own but also Azhar's career as a Muslim, having disinherited
him, as it were.

You are lucky to have married Azhar and not Imran Khan. As Muslim penal laws
are not applicable in this country you, of course, but I would suggest that
you better take some corrective measures even as a precaution.

The best course of action would be for both of you to convert to Islam again
and go through the nikah ceremony followed by its consummation again. And
better file mutual divorce proceedings and get you court marriage dissolved
first. For, how can you be married under two different personal laws at the
same time and with the same guy? Do I sound a bit confused? I must be out of
my depth. You better take more competent advice on you legal difficulties.

But there is one thing I can say, again from personal experience. The best
course of action in mixed marriages is not to mix them up further with
conversion to your spouse's religion.

The whole idea of inheriting religions or bringing or accepting them as part
of a dowry is absurd, utterly absurd, if you ask me. You case, Sangeeta, is
hopelessly mixed up.

But I hope my other sisters and brothers acquire enough courage to resist
emotional black-mail, the sagacity to accept others as they are and expect
others to accept them as they are.

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