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HVK Archives: Indian doctors in America switching to ayurveda

Indian doctors in America switching to ayurveda - The Sunday Review

Posted By Ashok V Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
31 December 1996

Title : Indian doctors in America switching to ayurveda
Author :
Publication : The Sunday Review
Date : December 31, 1996

LOOKING back at his 37-year long career in the UK and US, Dr Majid Ali
says, "It has been a rainbow career. But then I also wonder where did
the first 25 years go?" For it was 12 years ago that Ali got interested
in holistic medication.

Ali recently resigned as director of the pathology division at Holy Name
Hospital in Teaneck, to work fulltime at the Institute of Preventive
Medicine he established about 10 years ago in New Jersey. "Western
medicine is hardly the answer for many chronic diseases connected to the
heart, kidney and other vital parts of the body," he says.

His thoughts are echoed by over three dozen Indian American doctors who
have either given up Star Wars treatment for holistic medication or have
incorporated eastern treatments with western medicine. Dr Deepak Chopra
is, of course. the most famous of them.

Dr Hari Sharma. a professor of pathology at the Ohio State University of
Medicine at Columbus, runs a cancer prevention programme extensively
using eastern medical philosophy. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dr Vasant
Lad runs an ayurvedic institute that treats over 5.000 patients a year.
Dr Virender Sodhi has established the American School of Ayurvedic
Sciences in Washington state that not only treats patients but also
trains western doctors. There are about 30 Indian doctors involved with
the Maharishi Ayurveda College.

In Fort Collins, Col'orado, Dr Pudupakkam K Vedanthan spends hours each
day helping asthma patients do yoga and improve their breathing. Those
who follow his yoga technique feel the need for less medication and
their self-image also improves.

Dr Naras Bhat has conducted stress control seminars in over 40 cities in
the US and Asia. At least 100,000 people have learned stress control
meditation through him. He uses sophisticated computers to measure and
monitor the changes in the mind and body - the bio feedback.

And it has been over 16 months since Dr Amar Kapoor, clinical professor
of medicine at the University of California School for Medicine in Los
Angeles, launched the Heart Mind Body Institute in Beverly Hills,
California, at an estimated cost of 5 million dollars. "We integrate
complete health care with modern therapeutic advances, linking the mind,
heart and body in exquisite balance," he says. He calls his treatment
psycho-neurocardiology. Heart meditation -- talking to and controlling
the heart and mind -- is an integral part of his treatment.

"The revolution has just begun," says Dr Kapoor. 'You cannot go back to
the old Western system.'

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