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HVK Archives: Dhubri (Assam) troubled by influx of migrants

Dhubri (Assam) troubled by influx of migrants - Times of India

Gurmukh Singh ()
29 December 1996

Title : Dhubri (Assam) troubled by influx of migrants
Author : Gurmukh Singh
Publication : Times of India
Date : December 29, 1996

The mere mention of Dhubri evokes bitter reactions from any Assamese.
This last Assamese district, bifurcated by the Brahmaputra, has
virtually become an extension of Bangladesh because of the continuing
influx from across the border.

Bangladeshi migrants are also reportedly sneaking in with the Indian
farmers, who go across the border to cultivate in the 150-metre belt
which belongs to India (as the fencing has been done 150 metre into
Indian territory). "One farmer goes there, but he returns with two
Bangladeshis. Though the BSF issues token cards to these farmers which
they return on re-entry, our jawans can't cheek every individual.
Bangladeshis look so much like our own people. I think their entry
through these routes can be stopped, only if this land is taken over by
the government and farmers, compensated or given land elsewhere," says
the SSP.

The worst-affected area by infiltration is near post number 1001 which
is the triangular junction of Bangladesh, West Bengal and Assam. "The
Assam government has no jurisdiction over that area. And we know that
smuggling and other anti-Indian activities are taking place unchecked
there," says Mr Sharma.

District officials also admit connivance of the local population in
helping the infiltrators. Middlemen in the border villages are making a
fast buck by charging huge sums of money from these infiltrators.
Several instances in which these infiltrators were issued ID cards and
residential certificates by village panchayats withcome to light.

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