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HVK Archives: RSS chief asks Hindus to reunite

RSS chief asks Hindus to reunite - The Statesman

Statesman News Service ()
31 December 1996

Title : RSS chief asks Hindus to reunite
Author : Statesman News Service
Publication : The Statesman
Date : December 31, 1996

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief, Professor Rajendra Singh today
called upon all Hindus to sink their differences and unite again so that
they can revive the glory of the country and to provide "leadership to
the world" for which it was waiting.

Because of the pile up of nuclear weapons, the 21st century would of
necessity have to be the century of peace and India was among the few
nations of the world capable of providing peaceful leadership for which
the world was now craving, according to him.

In his 40-minute address, Prof. Singh kept underscoring the basic unity
of Hindu society and the harm that infighting had done to it over the
ages, a fact that the founder of the RSS, Dr Hadgevar, had stressed at
the height of British imperialism when it was said that all the problems
of the country were the result of foreign rule.

Attacking the growth of corruption and the unfolding of one scam after
another, he said that Indians were keeping money in Swiss banks.
Politicians had become a corrupt lot who only looked for means to
capture power. They were without a feeling of dedication and love for
the country.

He also attacked the invasion of the West in Indian lifestyle and the
continued dominance of English over Hindi, which he said was spoken by
400 million people and understood by 600 million as against English,
spoken by just 350 million people. With the continued invasion of India
by Western values, a time would soon come when it would be difficult to
recognize this place as India.

Speaking about the position of Muslims in India, he said that they were
much better off than Mohajirs in Pakistan. Only a handful of Muslims
from U.P. and Bihar had crossed the border, but they too could not get a
proper place there. Hindus had always welcomed people of other
religions. They had given shelter to the Parsees, built synagogues for
the Jews, churches for Syrian Christians and even mosques were allowed
to be made for the early Muslim settlers in Kerala. It was only the
invaders who had been opposed by the Hindus.

Referring to the criticism of the RSS, he said this was not founded on
facts, their volunteers had done yeomen service at the time of the
crash of the Saudi and Kazakh planes over Haryana and provided
humanitarian help to the victims, most of whom were Muslims.

He obliquely criticized reservation, saying that due regards should be
paid to quality and intelligence as well as hard work. India could not
hope to get reservation for Olympic medals or for the Nobel prizes.
Unityby promoting quality could lead the country forward.

Earlier, Swami Satyamiraanand, former Sankaracharya, broke his fast of
silence and addressed the rally.

He said that RSS was providing vigour and vitality to Indian life. It
was necessary to revive the past and not to see society in terms of
castes or other divisions.

He said the invasion from the skies could not be controlled nor any
fatwa issued against it; but, individual families could certainly be
selective in their viewership.

He said the Dalits might have been wrongly treated at some point in the
past for which he would tender his repentance; but, today they were as
good as a Brahmin. He complimented Dr Ambedkar for becoming a Buddhist
and not a Muslim or a Christian, thus saving millions of Indians from
becoming heathens.

He said the Muslims should realize that 1,400 years ago Kashi, Mathura
and Ayodhya were Hindu cities. They should be handed back to their
Hindu elder brothers and join hands in taking the country forward.

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