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HVK Archives: Catholic nuns are aging

Catholic nuns are aging - Hindustan Today

Ravi Peruman ()
1997 October

Title: Catholic nuns are aging
Author: Ravi Peruman
Publication: Hindustan Today
Date: October, 1997

Catholic nuns are aging into a health care crisis. Of the sisters now in
the USA, only 569 are under age 30, just 3% under 40, while 70% are over
age 60. Buildings that once housed novices are being converted into
nursing homes. Health care costs for seniors are so high that orders are
selling property, seeking government aid and merging orders. Accounting
firm Arthur Andersen Inc. found that religious orders last year were US$7.9
billion short of the funds needed to care for their i00,000 retired priests
and nuns. The nuns serve long past the time people usually retire, and
they tend to live five years longer on average.

(compiled from press, TV and wire-service reports and edited by RAVI
PERUMAN, award-winning radio journalist at KGO in San Francisco.)

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