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HVK Archives: Inaugural Address of Shri Ashok Singhal, Ex.President, VHP

Inaugural Address of Shri Ashok Singhal, Ex.President, VHP - The Indian Express

Posted By Krishnakant Udavant (kkant@bom2.vsnl.net.in)
Mon, 03 Nov 1997 21:49:04 +0500

Inaugural Address of Shri Ashok Singhal, Executive President, Vishwa Hindu
Parishad, on the occasion of Virat Hindu Sammelan at Haridwar on 20th
October, 1997

The source of the Divine Inspiration for holding the Virat Hindu Sammelan
under the joint auspices of Kanchi Kamakothipeetham and the Vishwa Hindu
Mahasangh, His Holiness Preeminent Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shriyut
Jayendra Saraswatiji Maharaj, His Holiness Reverend Jagadguru Sriyut
Vijayendra Saraswatiji Maharaj, our most hounoured Chief Guest His Majesty
the Maharajadhiraj Sri 5 Virendra Vir Vikram Shah Devji of Nepal, Her
majesty the Maharaniji, Parampujya Sirsanghchalak Rashtriya Swayam Sewak
Sangh Prof. Rajendra Singhji, all the distinguished dignitaries adorning
the dais, my brothers and sisters -

This is a day that shall be marked by History. Nepal, the Land hallowed by
the birth of God Vishnu in the form of Lord Buddha, sanctified by the
appearance of Mata Janaki. The land chosen by Devadidev Lord Shanker
Himself for his permanent abode in the form of Pashupatinath, the
"Tapobhumi" of Muktinath, Yogiraj Gorakshnath and his spiritual master Lord
Satyendranath; The land where Gandaki river flows in all its serene purity,
where god incarnate assumed the form of Shaligram's the land that is
crowned by the pure white string of snow-capped mountains singing as it
were, the celestial songs in praise of the Great Himalayas; the land which
never bowed to the invaders and maranders, and maintained its sacredness,
its sanctity, its Hindu culture despite the onslaughts of evil forces and
conserved its freedom, honour, and the rich Hindu heritage anchored in
eternal values.

It is an overwhelming feeling to welcome in our midst today Maharajadhiraj
Sri 5 Virendra Vir Vikram Shah Devji and the Maharani of so glorious a
kingdom as Nepal on the banks of the Devine Ganga in the ever so sacred and
Holy city of Haridwar. This mammoth crowd here has assembled today to
express its deep love and affection as well as the deep debt of gratitude
to your Majesty, for the centuries unbroken ties that bind us together
through our cultural religious and spiritual ties. Even more importantly,
the presence of so massive a gathering is an expression of our deep urge to
reinforce our ancient ties. The AUGUST ASSEMBLAGE of the Great Rishis, the
Dharmacharyas, and the galaxy of heads of all religious sects of Bharat are
here to shower their divine blessings upon your Majesties. Being the birth
place of Lord Buddha and the place of incarnation of Maa Bhagwati in the
form of Sita, Nepal occupies a unique status in this world.

Originating from Nepal and Bharat the countless millions of Buddhists
spread right across the eastern and south eastern regions of the Asian
continent. It was then termed as the great Bharatvarsh. Through religious &
cultural ties the Great Bharatvarsh, included in its fold the regions of
Malaysia, Kampuchea, Thailand, Java, Sumatra, Borneo and Bali on the one
hand and China, Japan, Trivishtap, Burma and Sri Lanka on the other.
Regions that had the stamp of Bharatiya Sanskriti far and wide. It is the
Divine destiny of Nepal to act as a catalyst to bring together the Buddhist
and Hindu majority countries once again on this planet. The Buddhists and
the Hindus are the two sides of the same coin. They have a common heritage
and culture. The most Reverend Dalai Lama had proclaimed a great truth when
he had stated that our Sanatana-Dharma and the religious faith of the Lamas
is essentially UNICULTURAL; that our sanskriti is basically identical. It
only we could bring together the billions of followers of the uni-cultural
faiths of Buddhism and Hinduism into a single fold, we would 'become a
civilisational unit of enormous power symbolising an entirely TOLERANT and
compassionate faith to act as a massive bullwork for generating unending
PEACE and SPIRITUAL consciousness in this strife-tom world.

The "Hindu" is the brain child of the ancient Rishis. Its ideals and values
of life were reinforced by the examples set out by Rama. Those ideals and
values reached their Zenith when the heroic characters of the great epic
Mahabharat literally lived by those very ideals and values. That unique
culture has not only been conserved in all its beauty and grandeur but has
also been a perenial source of solace and peace to all mankind down the

A great sage had defined what Hindu meant: The five letter H-I-N-D-U
signify the five beliefs of a Hindu, 'H' stands for HUMANITY, 'I' for
thus symbolises the evolution of man from Individuality to world
consciousness and from world consciousness to God-consciousness. In other
words, it reveals to man that there is just one unifying power governing
man and his universe. It is this unifying power that forms the core of
Hindu philosophy.

The cardinal principle of the Hindu view of life as taught to us by our
Rishis has been that man was not created to serve-only his own
self-interests. They taught us our duties during the four phases of a human
SANYASA. This laid down man's journey from individual consciousness to
world consciousness and thence to God-consciousness. They prescribed our
duties into ourselves, our duties towards the family in which we took
birth, our duties to our TEACHERS and the religions faith to which we
belonged; our duties towards our language and community, our duties towards
the Hindu society to which we belonged; our duties towards the afflicted
and the resourceless poor and the down-trodden, our duties towards our
environment, our duties towards our Nation; our duties towards nature and
all of mankind, and lastly our duties towards our creator. It is only the
Hindu sanskriti in the entire world, that has clearly defined the dynamics
of DIMES from those pertaining to himself to those that relate to the
Nation and thence on towards the entire mankind and to mother Nature and
finally towards his CREATOR. Life of a Hindu thus is a saga of duties in
the performance of which lies the emancipation of the individual, the
society, the Nation, the whole of mankind, and Mother Nature and arrive at
the ultimate objective of achieving God consciousness.

It was for the performance of these duties that a Hindu lived his life. It
is this that has been defined as HINDU DHARMA. It is this DHARMA that was
established by our RISHIS.

Today, all around us we witness strife and violence for fulfilling narrow
selfish ends all over the world. Immorality, injustice and sinful living
has become the order of the day. The powerful 'Haves' are exploiting the
hapless "Have-nots" In such a strife-tom world of violence, the teachings
of our Rishis commanding service and compassion towards all mankind assume
enormous relevance. To re-establish consciousness and awareness of man's
duties as prescribed by our Rishis is the crying need of the present age.
'Dharma' to a Hindu is nothing but performing these very duties with
dedication and sincerity. It is this Dharma that forms the essence of

For the establishment of peace all over the world, and for the restoration
of the delicate ecological balance of NATURE, the propagation and
understanding of the Hindu Dharma the essence of the Hindu view of life,
has become a matter of paramount importance. There is no other path
available to man for establishing enduring peace and understanding among
all mankind. This is what our Rishis have preached for thousands of years.
And whenever mankind deviated from this path of DHARMA, and his awareness
of his duties got blurred, the Hindu sages got together to restore man to
his true Dharma. This is exactly what the Hindu sages assembled here today
have decided to do with all their physical, intellectual, moral and
spiritual power that they have at their command. Their function is to act
as a fight house to show the path to a world that is getting engulfed in
ever increasing darkness.

The need of the hour that the power and knowledge of our sages and Rishis
show the right path to the Hindu society all over the world in order that a
duty conscious Hindu sets the right example for the world to follow.

While the establishment of Hindu Dharma is the only path for attaining
enduring peace in this world, we have to take note of the forces that are
actively involved in destroying the unity among the Hindus themselves. The
whole world is aware that in the entire world the Hindus and the Buddhists
are the most tolerant among the followers of all faiths. Both have stood
closely wedded to the policy of NON-VIOLENCE and have zealously conserved
that image. On the other hand stand the followers of the Muslim and
Christian faiths with their avowed objectives to Islamise or christianise
the entire world. This aggressive posturings are increasing by each passing
day. Whenever the followers of any religious faith decide to expand their
religious base either by luring, or by adopting aggressive tactics, in
other regions of the world, it will have to be acknowledged that in so
doing they transcend the realm of religious and enter the realm of
politics. They then become a tool of politics and essentially cease to be
religions. The World History bears testimony to the fact that whenever this
has happened, it has proved disastrous for world peace. In order,
therefore, to neutralize religious aggression by the followers of other
faiths it becomes imperative that the Buddhists and the Hindus unite for
the preservation of their own religions. The proliferation of terrorism is
yet another danger that demands urgent attention. Presumably, His Majesty
must already be aware of the infiltration of such terrorists inside Nepal
also. There is also a systematic attempt to fragmentize the Hindu society
by engineering conflicts of caste, creed or language within the Hindu fold.
It is therefore necessary to apprise the Hindus and dissuade them from
adopting the suicidal course of shrinking into the narrow confines of
narrow confines of caste, creed or language, and deliberately belittling
their greater identity as a true Hindu. The future of Hindus is directly
linked with the speed with which all Hindus assume this bigger identity and
abandon, their narrow identity. To this end therefore the entire Hindu
society will have to wage a war against the reprehensible mentality that
permits the evils of untouchability, the dowry system and similar other
social ills.

Both Nepal and Bharat will have to rise to the challenges that are staring
the Buddhist-Hindu population in its face and promote a sense of great
pride of being a member of the virat Buddhist Hindu community. The only way
to achieve this is to propagate the teachings, the ideals, and the values
handed down to us by our great Rishis. This doubtlessly calls for a mass
awakening in the Hindu society which responsibility can best be discharged
with great and everlasting effect by our Religious leaders. Since times
immemorial the history of Hindu society shows that in times of crises, the
enormous power inherent in the Rishis and sages has rescued us time and
time again and has restored the true concept of Hindu Dharma as enunciated
by our ancient Rishis. The same power of our present day Rishis and sages
is fully capable of meeting this new challenge also. His Majesty
Maharajadhiraj Shri 5 Sriyut Virendra Vir Vikram Shah Dev is not the king
of just the two crore Nepalese. He indeed is the undisputed emperor ruling
over the hearts of billions of Hindus. The Hindus of the world are today
looking upto you your Majesty, to unify the Hindus and Baudhs of the world
and bring them into a single common fold. Yes! your Majesty, you alone have
the power to fulfill this great mission. Even today, in the whole of Bharat
Nepal-Naresh is the only person who possesses the right of direct access to
the sanctum-sanctorium of temples like the Jagannath temple, the Rameshwarm
temple or the vast Trishshur temple of the South. No other person has the
right to enter the sanctum sanctorium of these temples for performing

It is our fortune that His Majesty Maharajadhiraj Sri 5 of Nepal is with us
today. We the Hindus of Bharat earnestly pray and request him that His
Majesty convenes a massive conference in the sacred soil of Nepal in which
the Religious leaders and representatives of both Hindus and Baudhs get
together on a single platform so that a combined call could be given to
Baudhs and Hindus of the world to get together and the 21st century could
become a Hindu era : a century in which the entire humanity could live in
Peace, Non-Violence and Compassion and in total harmony based on the
precepts of Sanatana Dharma.

This Virat Hindu Sammelan has been organised with the sole objective of
developing awareness about the teachings of the Sanatana Dharma all over
the world and for forging the unification of the Baudhs and the Hindus of
the world to establish a reign of enduring peace and happiness in every
corner of our planet. There can be no greater objective than ensuring world
peace in this strife-ridden world wallowing in violence. I crave His
Majesty to grant his approval for shouldering this great responsibility.
All of us are eager to put in our finest efforts under his great leadership.

Om Shantih : Shantih : Shantih :

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