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HVK Archives: Prospects of impending elections (Part III of IV)

Prospects of impending elections (Part III of IV) - The Observer

Observer Political Bureau ()
4 November 1997

Title: Prospects of impending elections create flutter in political
dovecotes (Part III of IV)
Author: Observer Political Bureau
Publication: The Observer
Date: November 4, 1997

JD worried by growls from one quarter

A crucial meeting of the Janata Dal political affairs committee would be
held by the end of this week to discuss party's future course of action and
its preparations for any political eventuality.

The PAC, which was constituted by JD president Sharad Yadav on Sunday,
would discuss among other things the UP situation and the UF relationship
with the Congress party.

The PAC would. also discuss Congress president Sitaram Kesri's threats to
Prime Minister I K Gujral about his governance.

Rumblings of discontent have now begun to openly surface in the JD circles
over the noises from the Congress president and the performance of the UF
Government as well as its life span.

A section of the party leadership was bent upon taking a serious look at
the issue and is understood to have been instrumental in pressurising the
party high command to constitute the new PAC so that the party can take a
serious look at the threat.

Faced with the grim and uncertain future of the UF government, the JD
president has chalked out an extensive tour programme along with former
Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda and Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan and other
party leaders.

The idea is to establish mass contacts so that the party may not be caught
on a wrong foot in case midterm elections were precipitated at the Centre.

Talking to the Observer of Business and Politics, Mr Yadav admitted that
his party was preparing to face any eventuality for which he along with
other senior leaders had already undertaken several extensive tour
programmes in different states. About his forthcoming tours, Mr Yadav said
that he would cover all the states very shortly so that his party may be in
a position to face the electorates and consolidate the forces of secularism
and social justice.

Meanwhile, the United Front steering committee is meeting on Wednesday
amidst ascending pressure from a number of important quarters in the UF for
a relook at the anti-defection law as a sequel to the developments in Uttar
Pradesh pertaining to the split in the Congress and the BSP leading to a
comfortable survival of the BJP Government in a trust vote on the floor of
State Assembly.

The Front leadership has been highlighting the loop-holes in the
anti-defection law, apparently with an aim to transform it into an election
plank against the BJP.

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