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HVK Archives: Enemy number one

Enemy number one - Sunday

Rajiv Shukla ()
2-8 November 1997

Title: Enemy number one
Author: Rajiv Shukla
Publication: Sunday
Date: November 2-8, 1997

Mayawati must be isolated if democratic values are to be safeguarded

It's time for all political parties who believe in ,upholding democratic
values to isolate Mayawati and dissociate themselves from her unscrupulous
brand of politics.

What Mayawati has been doing in Uttar Pradesh over the last four years is
immoral and against every norm of the Indian political system. lie Bahujan
Samaj Party (BSP) leader has consistently taken people for granted, used
and abused them, destroyed institutions, made money by hook or crook, and
exploited every situation to shamelessly further her own ends-politically
and financially.

Mayawati is a compulsive liar and is now infamous for her political
somersaults. The former UP chief minister seems to think that just because
she is practising Dalit politics, she has the licence to do whatever she
wants. But she should be made aware of the legacy she inherits from Baba
Saheb Ambedkar, Babu Jagjivan Ram and P.G. Gavai. More recently, Dalit
leaders like Savita and Prakash Ambedkar, T. Anjaiah, B.P. Maurya, Ram
Vilas Paswan, G. Venkataswamy and Meera Kumar have done their bit for the
community. But none of them has adopted Mayawati's destructive methods.

It was Kanshi Rain who gave a twist to Dalit politics by exhorting the
community to confront the upper castes and fight for its rights. For all
his faults, I find in him an ideologue who has a definite concept of what
he wants to achieve.

But the unfortunate part of Kanshi Ram's Dalit movement is that Mayawati is
its sole beneficiary. She became chief minister of UP twice but did
nothing to improve the economic condition of the Dalits. All she did was
announce new districts in the names of social reformers, installed Ambedkar
statues, and built expensive parks. This has hardly helped the Dalits who
are struggling for their basic roti, kapada, makaan. And Mayawati's mantra
of confrontation has simply served to pit the Dalits, or rather the
chamaars, against the rest in the villages of UP. This has left them
isolated and insecure.

Today, Mulayam Singh Yadav is talking about joining hands with Mayawati
again! Has he forgotten how she abused him in the none-too-distant past?
How can he sacrifice political 'promises and moral values at the altar of

Mulayam Singh Yadav is a symbol of the anti-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
struggle in Uttar Pradesh. And so, he is desperate to put up a fight
against the saffron brigade at this critical juncture. But he must have the
confidence to battle the BJP alone, and not fall into Mayawati's trap, yet

Mayawati has, through the years, fooled of Mulayam Singh Yadav, Murli
Manohar Joshi, Lalji Tandon, P.V. Narasimha Rao, Jitendra Prasada and
Romesh Bhandari. She has employed the classic use-and-throw method with one
and all. At one time or the other, Mayawati has aligned with Mulayam, the
Congress, and the BJP. After falling out, she has called the Samajwadi
Party chief a "chor" and "goonda"; labelled the Congress a "Manuwadi
party"; and accused the BJP of being "anti-Dalit" and "communal". I am just
not able to understand how Mayawati is allowed to foot all the people all
the time. Why don't the leaders of all political parties get together and
shut the doors on Mayawati and her diabolical games?

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