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HVK Archives: Brothers in 'Arms'

Brothers in 'Arms' - The Hindustan Times

A. K. Mishra ()
9 November 1997

Title: Brothers in 'Arms'
Author: A. K. Mishra
Publication: The Hindustan Times
Date: November 9, 1997

With brothers like Sadhu, Rabri Devi has plenty to worry. With Jijaji in
jail, the trio are the key players in her durbar. A. K. Mishra profiles the
Yadav brothers and the manner in which they run the Rabri sarkar

Anirudh Prasad alias Sadhu Yadav, the brother-in-law of the former Bihar
Chief Minister, Laloo Prasad Yadav. has the knack of landing himself in
some controversy or the other. Nay, he reaches out for controversy perhaps
to pull off something out of nowhere. In fact, if his escapades are taken
into consideration, he has become a law unto himself, displaying a dare
deviltry that could bludgeon anyone to toe his line. The opposition often
brands him as an outlaw instead of a brother-in law of Laloo Yadav. No
wonder, amongst Laloo's three brothers-in-law - Mr Prabhunath Singh Yadav
and Mr Subhash, being the other two - Sadhu Yadav has emerged as the most
qualified political bully, coercing ministers and legislators at will,
forcing bureaucracy into submission to seek favours.

He is always ready to wield a gun or to employ strong arm tactics, should
the situation so warrant to keep things well under his control. He also
has the support of a group of young party MLAs, most of them boasting of
criminal antecedents. This group has now come to be identified as the
'Sadhu brigade', which is always willing to wrest the initiative on behalf
of its 'netaji' - Sadhu Yadav.

Not just the State government ministers, Sadhu even gave a tongue lashing
to the Union Coal Minister Mrs Kanti Singh. He was rude to her for not
listening to the 'pairvis' of several RJD MPs of Bihar. Though Kanti tried
to confront him bravely, arguing that he had no business or any right to
confront her in such an unsavoury manner. Sadhu made it known to her that
he would brook nothing of this kind from her. This incident occurred at
Delhi when the JD was on the verge of a split and several JD MPs from Bihar
had decided to side with Mr Sharad Yadav.

Party insiders say that he is opposed to Mrs Singh apparently because he
enjoys a good rapport with the Road Construction Minister Mohammad Illiyas
Hussain who cannot see eye to eye with the Union Coal Minister.

Interestingly, Sadhu cannot stand any person who is close to his youngest
brother Subhash Yadav. It is an open secret that both Sadhu and Subhash ire
at loggerheads with each other and the fact that the Union Coal Minister is
close to Subhash could be another reason why Sadhu spewed venom at her.

Sadhu's rise served Laloo's purpose in the sense that Sadhu projected
himself as the crisis manager of his jijaji. At times. some of Sadhu's
antics did however create embarrassment for Laloo and the party as well.
His big moment came when his jijaji nominated him on the governors quota to
the Upper House, in August 1995. It is a different matter that his
nomination along with Ram Karan Pal, Uday Narain Rai and Mohammad Anwar
were made on seats meant for scientists, litterateurs and social activists.
Of course, Sadhu's nomination along with the three others stirred a
hornet's nest as even a writ was filed in the High Court against their
nomination. Though the matter is still in the High Court, Sadhu has
already left the Upper House and is now keen to be appointed as the
chairman of the Agriculture Marketing Board. Sadhu's critics wonder how he
could be nominated to the Vidhan Parishad on the basis of social service
when it is a known fact that he is actively involved in politics.

Even though Sadhu ceases to be a member of the Upper House, he continues to
retain the spacious government bungalow at 10, Kautilya Marg allotted to
him from the Vidhan Parishad pool. As per rules, he could have retained the
house only for thirty days after the expiry of his membership from the
Vidhan Parishad. But given the fact that he has emerged as an extra
constitutional authority, it is taken for granted that he will not vacate
the bungalow, unless the court intervenes. Significantly, even when the
bungalow was allotted to him many eyebrows were raised as senior MLCs or
Ministers had a better claim to the allotment. In case of Sadhu, he was
only a first termer MLC, who had gained entry into the Upper House on a
casual vacancy.

Sadhu also enjoys elaborate security cover. Two sections of elite force
(Gorkhas) drawn from the BMP-1 have been provided to him, a privilege which
is not even made available for the ministers and other VIPs.

The fact that now his sister, Rabri Devi has taken over the reigns of the
State, Sadhu's clout has increased considerably. so much so that he is now
being described as the super Chief Minister.

Admittedly, unlike Subhash Yadav with whom he is bitterly opposed, Sadhu is
reported to be very close to her. No wonder, wherever she goes, Sadhu keeps
her constant company, unlike the other two brothers. Recently, Sadhu
ordered the Private Secretary to the Chief Minister, P.R. Sinha to step out
of the plane as he wanted to accompany his sister to Darbangha.

It is learnt that though Sadhu is on good terms with his sister, he is not
liked by his jijaji. In fact, Laloo has forbidden Sadhu from coming to the
BMP guest house. It is the youngest brother-in-law, Subhash Yadav who
frequents the BMP jail. Party insiders say that unlike Sadhu or Prabhunath,
Subhash is very close to the former Chief Minister.

Incidentally, Subhash was an employee of the State Assembly who along with
many others was retrenched following a court order. He has now plunged into
active politics, giving fierce competition to none other than Sadbu.

Subhash also has his share of controversy. He once prevented the wife of
an IAS officer, Mrs Indira Sharma from casting her vote in the Assembly
election to the Patna west Assembly constituency. The IAS womens'
association took up cudgels, demanding the arrest of Subhash Yadav. During
the garib rally, he hired buses from Jagdish Sharma to ferry people from
his home district for the rally. Mr Sharma had been arrested in connection
with the fodder seam.

Interestingly, the style of functioning of the three brothers are quite
distinct from each other. While Sadbu is highly conceited: Subhash is cold
and calculative. On the other hand, the eldest brother Prabhunath is
considered a dimwit. A store keeper in the Animal Husbandry Department. he
was earlier posted in Chaibhasha, but managed his transfer to the State
capital in 1990.

Though of late, he has also started showing political ambitions, he
actually acted as a 'tout' for businessmen, officers, engineers. currying
favour at the government level. His jijaji's regime brought prosperity for
him. He owns a big house at Mahua Bagh, a car, besides other landed property.

Now and then. he has also created stirs due to his unsavoury behaviour.
Not long back, he along with his security and supporters stormed the Patna
Electric Supply Office (PESU) and roughed up the PESU staff for not
restoring the power supply at his residence. Once he was badly beaten up by
Dr R.K. Rana at the marriage function of the daughter of Dr Ram Raja Rama,
the former Director of Animal Husbandry. The incident occurred when
Prabhunath tried to push Dr Rana away so that he (Prabhunath) could take a
place next to Shyam Bihari Sinha, the kingpin of the Fodder scam.

Subhash Yadav has also built up contacts among the ministers, offers, etc.,
and successfully exploited them for reaping dividends. Though he lives in a
somewhat sprawling house he claims that the house has been rented to him
(Rs 500 per month) by Kanti Singh.

House guards have been deployed at his residence, though he claims once
again that this facility was thrust upon by the government when it received
Intelligence reports that he could face attack during the BJP sponsored
Bihar Bandh, called by the party earlier.

Besides, there have been allegations that he amassed property,
disproportionate to his income, by using the contact by virtue of being the
brother-in-law of Lakloo Yadav.

Refuting the allegation, Subhash said these were all cock and bull stories
spread by the vested quarters to defame him in the eyes of the former chief
minister. He also maintained that he had been filling the income lx returns

Interestingly, till few years back Subhash played masseur to Laloo. Not
surprisingly, he was privy to his important discussions. In return, Laloo
Yadav recommended Subhash's name to the speaker of the Assembly for his
appointment in the Vidhan Sabha. Though he was made an employee of the
Vidhan Sabha, he was retrenched after few years of service following a
directive from the court.

As a result. Subhash got actively involved in politics. Every time, Laloo
organised a rally in the State capital. Subhash worked zealously so that
he could ensure the presence of an impressive gathering from his home
district Gopalgani. In fact, both Sadhu and Subhash sought to outwit each
other, as far as ferrying people from Gopalganj to the rally was concerned.
It was obvious that the one who could bring the larger contingent to the
rally would impress Laloo.

To a large extent their political aspirations have created a hiatus between
the two that seems to be too wide to be bridged now. Their fight has now
even spilled out in the open. On the other hand, Laloo's daughter Misa once
scolded Subhash, ordering him never to set his foot again in the official
residence of the Chief Minister, as Misa is very close to her Sadhu mama.

As for Subhash, he is banking on Laloo Yadav, hoping that he will
eventually clip Sadhu's wings. Sadhu is, however, firmly entrenched as he
even enjoys the support of his elder brother, Prabhunath Yadav.

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