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HVK Archives: Hand over Babri mosque site to Hindus: Imam of Mecca

Hand over Babri mosque site to Hindus: Imam of Mecca - The Observer

Prajanan Bhattacharya ()
15 November 1997

Title: Hand over Babri mosque site to Hindus: Imam of Mecca
Author: Prajanan Bhattacharya
Publication: The Observer
Date: November 15, 1997

The Imam of the highest religious place for Muslims, Haram-e-Sharif (Mosque of Mecca), Muhamed bin Abdullah-al-Subayyal, fired a bombshell on Thursday by suggesting that the Indian Muslims should hand over the Babri mosque complex to Hindus, if the historical and archaeological facts, prove that the mosque was built after demolishing a Hindu temple.

The Imam, who was here to attend a two-day seminar on the challenges to Islam, told newsmen that the Muslims' must avoid bloodshed in this connection.

If the evidence establish demolition of Hindu mandir on the site of the Babri mosque before it was built, the Muslims must take note of that fact and gracefully hand over the site to Hindus, he asserted.

But, if the base of the Babri Mosque was not over a temple, he stated, the Muslims must build a mosque at the same site, where the Babri Mosque was demolished.

Only a mosque could be built on that site if it was a mosque, he said and indirectly hinted for a 'jehad' to achieve the goal, but possibly without bloodshed. On the controversy regarding the namaz by women, the Imam-e-Haram said, women used to offer namaz even at the time of Hazrat Sahab, of course with parda. If they are veiled completely, they should be allowed to offer namaz in mosque, he said.

When asked about Iraq, which was not figured in the two-day convention, he said that the sentiments of the Muslims are with Iraq and the Muslims are always with those who are suppressed, by the West and Jews.

He said the issues of Babri mosque and Al-Aqsa mosque are different. Latter was occupied by the Jews forceably and the Muslims were evicted. He called upon the Muslims to come forward and liberate the AI-Aqsa mosque from the clutches of the Jews.

Meanwhile, Babri Masjid reconstruction association has announced that they would lay the foundation stone of the new mosque on December 14, where Babri mosque was demolished five years ago on December 6, 1992.

Reports from Faizabad said that the Centre of this organisation is in the Ayodhya Idgah and they will organise a week long programme from December 6 to 14 for their purpose.

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