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HVK Archives: Ram temple will be built once the BJP comes to power

Ram temple will be built once the BJP comes to power - The Indian Express

Neeraj Mishra ()
December 4, 1997

Title: Ram temple will be built once the BJP comes to power
Author: Neeraj Mishra
Publication: The Indian Express
Date: December 4, 1997

On the face of it, BJP MP Uma Bharti, 37, has changed. But, on
second thoughts, she has changed only, in her tone, which is less
direct. She says much the same things as of yore. After raising
the bogey of defiance in Madhya Pradesh, when she along with her
followers threatened to resign from the party, she quietly
retracted her statements and fell into place, claiming that the
issue has ' been resolved amicably. She remains the president of
the BJP's youth organisation, but now clearly wants to get out of
the mould of irebrand, young leader". She spoke to Neeraj
Mishra in her quarters at the party office in Bhopal Excerpts:

How does it feel to be no longer ntouchable'?

Those who called us communal have now come to see the truth in
our philosophy. We have always opposed any sort of vaad (ism),
whether it is Dalitvaad (casteism) or alp sankhyakvaad
(minorityism). The need of the hour is stability and the BJP is
the only party capable of providing stability. Even the Muslims
have themselves realised that the issue is equality and not
appeasement. The issue is barabati (equality) and not Babri. The
Congress has always played upon Muslim fears that they will be
victimised by the Hindus but most of them can now see through the
gameplan of leaders like Mulayam Singh Yadav.

So has the BJP diluted its stance on issues like Ram Mandir,
Article 370 and uniform civil code?

The issue of Ram mandir remains. The fact is that there cannot be
a movement for the construction of a temple. Jo kama tha woh to
ho hi gaya hai movement se, ab mandir bhi ban hi jayega (Whatever
the movement could do, it has done. Now the temple has to be
built.) The movement for destruction is complete, the mandir will
now be made once the governments in Delhi and Lucknow are the
same. You see, you cannot have movement with everyone carrying a
bag of cement or a brick each. It is the work of government and
once we come to power in Delhi we will build the temple in the
same place.

Have you been able to convince people like Aslam Sher Khan, who
have just joined the party, about this project?

Aslam Bhai had always said that he was for equality amongst the
Hindus and Muslims. As for the Babri Masjid, the Imam of Kaba had
recently come to India and he has said that there should be no
dispute on the issue as according to him the structure in Ayodhya
could not have been a masjid. I am personally writing to the Imam
to request him to head a committee of experts from fields of
history and theosophy to determine the issue once and for all.

This election is very different from the ones in '89, '91 or '96.
At that time BJP was still making efforts at educating the masses
about the real issue of minority appeasement. Now they have seen
the truth for themselves. Vote on such bogus issues like
secularism can lead only to unstable governments. This time the
issue is stability and my party is in the best position to
provide it.

Have the changed issues also made your role negligible?

I will do what my party asks me to do. I would be campaigning in
constituencies I am asked to. I may even contest if given a
ticket. What else can I do?

Like, for instance, not split the party with threats of
resignation. You had also said just before the elections in '96
that the 'BJP was a party of Banias and brahmins'. Still your
hold over the Lodh community seems to he weakening?

All issues between me and the party leadership have been solved
amicably. I do not remember making any adverse remarks about
anyone. As far as the Lodh community is concerned, don't drag me
into it. I am a sanyasin.

You were also in the forefront of the movement by women MPs in
Lok Sabha demanding 33 per cent reservation in Parliament. Would
your party implement it if voted to power?

The BJP has been demanding 33 per cent reservation for women
since '93 after the Baroda conference. It is actually our
proposal. We will strive to fulfill it. I am sure that by the
next elections women will get their due.

How many women candidates does the BJP hopes to rigid?

Definitely more than last time. The problem is that most women do
not want to come out and take an active part in politics. It is
left to women like me to do so. Criminalisation of politics is a
big reason. But if there is a statutory provision made for them
thin they will have to come out.

It has happened in the panchayat elections and now the panchayats
led by women are doing very well. They are less corrupt and more

But at least five women sarpanchs have been paraded in the nude
in MP alone.

All that will be there for some time. Women will be insulted in
the worst possible Ways, just as men in politics are. The methods
can vary. But slowly the society will accept that women have to
be given their share in running the system. This is a testing
period, some good women leaders will definitely emerge. Go to any
school, college or watch any TV programme which give women an
equal opportunity and see who wins. Girls today are definitely
ahead of boys, I am hopeful that a good woman leader will just
come along.

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