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HVK Archives: In the name of national interest (a letter)

In the name of national interest (a letter) - The Pioneer

RK Mani ()
January 2, 1998

Title: In the name of national interest (a letter)
Author: RK Mani
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: January 2, 1998

It is in the national interest that the UF Government has
crumbled under internal contradictions. The only common manifesto
which united the disparate and bitterly fighting parties was to
prevent the BJP from coming to power. The Congress supported the
disunited UF solely to protect its leaders from being prosecuted.
Mr HD Deve Gowda was pulled down the moment he started pursuing
cases against Mr Sitaram Kesri and other Congress leaders.

Mr IK Gujral was originally a communist. He wanted to be on the
right side. So, he joined the Congress and was part of Indira
Gandhi's cabinet during Emergency. Later, he travelled to 'like
minded' parties' At no time In his political career. did he have
much of a following.

Mr Gujral came to power with much moral posturing on removing
corruption. He made out as if he was the lone fighter against
corruption. In the process, most of the cases against Mr. Sitaram
Kesri were cleared; FERA cases of a closely connected paper baron
vanished; and Mr Laloo Prasad Yadav received all possible help.

The UF government took the nation back at least by a decade. The
law and order situation during its tenure was one of the worst.
Why have criminals like Dawood Ibrahim not been extradited? Are
not some important leaders protecting these criminals?

UF rule generated more unemployment than employment; foreign
investments came down; industrial production slid down; national
security and defence have been shortchanged. The rule of UF
constituents in states is still worse. In JD-ruled Karnataka, law
and order situation is at its worst; the conviction rate is the
lowest. Of course, it Is led by a model CM. As per his own
admission, wine and women are his primary Interests!

The Indian people should be vigilant and see to it that those
people who have ganged up in the "national interest", are thrown
out on the same basis.

RK Mani
1788, 3rd Street
Troy, NY 12180

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