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HVK Archives: We do not indulge in politics: RSS chief

We do not indulge in politics: RSS chief - The Times of India

Prakash Joshi ()
January 12, 1997

Title: We do not indulge in politics: RSS chief
Author: Prakash Joshi
Publication: The Times of India
Date: January 12, 1997

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Rajendra Singh said on
Saturday that political stability and leadership were the two
main issues that would dominate the ensuing Lok Sabha elections
in the country.

Approving the BJP strategy to project Atal Behari Vajpayee as the
Prime Ministerial candidate, he said there was no change in the
priorities of the RSS or the BJP, but the political party had to
respond to the political situation prevailing in the country.

Talking to The Times of India News Service at the "Mahashibir," -
RSS camp attended by over 35,000 workers -Prof Singh said there
was nothing objectionable in the BJP consolidating its position
by forming alliances with other like minded parties and

When asked whether the RSS will direct its cadre to
wholeheartedly support the BJP and its allies during the election
campaign for the 12th Lok Sabha, he said, "We do not indulge in
politics nor do we give any directives. It is but natural for
the RSS worker to work for a political party which is close to
his ideology, so naturally he is going to work for the BJP and
its allies."

Replying to a question on whether the BJP had diluted its stand
on important issues dear to the RSS like Article 370, Ram temple
at Ayodhya and the common civil code, he said, "Under the present
situation, the people of this country are more worried about the
political stability and the kind of a leader who should lead the
country. So the BJP will naturally talk about these issues rather
than discuss other issues. It will be wrong to say that the party
has put these issues on back burner or they are no more important
to the party.

He criticised the way the BJP was isolated by other political
parties in the name of secularism. "In fact this atmosphere and
criticism against the BJP forced it to join hands with other like-
minded parties including the Shiv Sena. The party formed the
government in UP to show that we can also do it. It is not the
BJP's natural tendency but the step was taken only under
emergency situation."

When asked whether it would affect the BJP's culture, he quipped,
"Not at all. The Congress Party has forgotten about Gandhiji
while we have adopted his Bharatiya ways of life and Swadeshi
ideology. We are working for Ramrajya preached by Gandhiji and
soon even Congressmen will realise it."

He said there were no contradictions within the Sangh Parivar.
The Vishwa Hindu Parishad is pressing for Kashi and Mathura while
the BJP is saying that it is not on the agenda. Since the BJP is
a political party it has to give more emphasis on economy and
administration while the VHP has its own agenda.

He said that while the BJP was concerned more with immediate
problems, the RSS was concerned with the issues of preserving the
ancient culture of this great country. "We believe that mere
change of government is not going to solve the problems faced by
the country."

According to him, in the last 50 years, even after the British
left this country, the rulers were not bothered to preserve our
culture by making changes in the education system. "With the BJP
in power, we will tune the entire system to make the country self-
sufficient in all the fields. We have seen in South East Asia as
to what happens if the country depends totally on foreign funding
for industrial and economic development," he said.

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