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HVK Archives: Nationalists will come to power

Nationalists will come to power - Organiser

Pramod Kumar ()
January 20, 1998

Title: Nationalists will come to power
Author: Pramod Kumar
Publication: Organiser
Date: January 20, 1998

Working President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad [VHP] Shri Ashok
Singhal describing the election '98 as the historic has expressed
the hope that the pseudo-secular forces would be defeated and the
nationalist forces would come to power so as to give a new
direction to the nation. Talking to the Organiser representative,
Pramod Kumar, Shri Singhal has appealed to the voters to vote for
such party or alliance that can give a stable and strong
government to the country. Excerpts :

How do you foresee the outcome of this election?

It is a historic election in the sense that the pseudo-secular
forces that have ruled the nation for the last fifty years and
harmed the centuries-old Indian culture are going to be defeated
and the nationalist forces, whose ideology is based on cultural
nationalism, are all set to come to power at the Centre. The real
face of the secularists has been exposed. Over the last fifty
years what they have said, they have never practised. People, fed
up of their selfish conduct, now want the nationalist forces to
give a strong and stable government so as to prevent the
onslaught on the sovereignty of the nation by world powers.

Despite ideological differences the BJP is joining bands with
several regional parties. Do you support it?

There is nothing wrong in forming such alliances. After all,
regional parties are also Hindu. Their identity too is pro-Hindu.

Do you think this may create problems for the BJP in future?

I do not think so. The BJP has a large number of committed and
selfless workers, many of whom have been trained by the RSS.
Besides, the days of petty-politics are over; the selfish
elements will no longer survive in this country. The citizens of
this country have yet to see the work of the dedicated workers of
RSS, a voluntary organisation engaged in the noble task of
character-building for the last 72 years. The time is not far
when the committed and selfless RSS workers would change the face
of the nation and Bharat would regain its ancient glory. This is
the aim the RSS was established for by Dr. Hedgewar in 1925.

Many Muslim leaders have said that the BJP is not untouchable for
Muslims. How do you see this change in the attitude of Muslim

We believe all sections of the society should live in harmony.
The disputes of Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi can be solved through
negotiations. The Muslim society must think over it. It is a
welcome step that a growing number of Muslims have been realising
that their interests lie with that of Hindus.

It is also being said that on Mathura and Kashi the BJP has
adopted a rather softened stand. What is your comment about it?

The BJP has categorically said that Mathura and Kashi are not on
its agenda. What Shri Advani has recently said is that the BJP
can help in negotiations if the Muslim society logically agrees
that Ramjanmabhoomi belongs to Hindus. Everything should be done
within the constitutional frame.

It means the Ayodhya-type solution is not required for Mathura
and Kashi?

That type of situation would never arise. With the emergence of
Hindutva forces, the time will soon come when several groups from
within the Muslim society would stand against the injustice
perpetrated on Hindus and demand the hand-over of these places to
Hindus. The Muslim society must understand the fact that if the
religious identity of Muslims ever faces any danger then it would
only be the nationalists force that would be able to help them.

Do you think that the BJP can come to power only on the strength
of Hindu votes?

Of course. Hindus are in the majority in this country and now
they are united. The Hindus are emerging as the strongest force
that can change the overall picture. It does not mean the pro-
Hindu forces are against Muslims or Christians. In fact Muslims
are being misled that the BJP is against them but they have
gradually begun realizing the truth. Muslims must also understand
that now Hindus can no, longer be suppressed by the foreign money
and powers.

The BJP says Hindutva is not the main issue in this election.

A political party that is going to form government at the Center
has to clear its stand on each and every aspect of
administration, i.e., economy, defence and foreign affairs.
Hindutva, the cultural nationalism, is the base of BJP's

What would he your strategy in this election?

The VHP has prepared a five-point Hindu agenda that includes: ban
the cow-slaughter and the religious conversion, ensure the free-
flow of Ganga, remove all the hurdles in construction of Ram
temple and hand over the Mathura and Kashi temples to Hindus, and
stop the interference of State Governments in the management of
Hindu temples, maths and akharas. Besides this, the saints have
decided to perform the Ram Mahayajna at the block-level all over
the country in order to raise these issue from the religious

Recently there were incidents of bomb blast in Kerala and Tamil
Nadu on the eve of December 6. What is your reaction?

Secularists and some disgruntled elements deliberately want to
push the country in the fire of violence. The game plans are
worked out in Pakistan and America by the ISI and the CIA. If a
strong and stable government comes to power at the Centre, such
elements would be exposed. Also such anti-national forces must
have a lesson from the incident of Coimbatore where the police
strongly suppressed such elements. Proper law and order cannot be
restored untill the criminal elements are booked.

Do you think that Smt Sonia Gandhi's decision of campaigning for
the Congress in this election would harm the prospects of BJP?

Certainly not. It will only harm the image of Sonia Gandhi
herself to a great extent as well as the prospects of Congress
party. The Congress has become so bankrupt that the same Congress
that took over the power from Europeans fifty years back is going
to, hand over it to the Europeans. But I am sure the citizen of
this country would never let it happen.

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