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HVK Archives: Entire society is the BJP's social based: Kalyan Singh

Entire society is the BJP's social based: Kalyan Singh - The Business Standard

Vijay Chalwa ()
January 9, 1998

Title: Entire society is the BJP's social based: Kalyan Singh
Author: Vijay Chalwa
Publication: The Business Standard
Date: January 9, 1998

Business Standard: It is being said that you are taking decisions
on your own without consulting cabinet colleagues.

Kalyan Singh: This is not true. There are three different groups,
three different ideologies and three different cultures which
come together and this government is being run by them. I take
decisions only after consulting everyone. Nobody has any
complaint that he has not been taken into confidence.

BS: What efforts the BJP will make to win over the Muslims?

KS: We shall not compromise our principles and shall uphold the
policy of "justice to all and appeasement of none'. We are
telling Muslims that other parties are taking them on a wrong
path and the BJP is the only party which is taking them in the
right direction.

BS: It is felt that the Muslims, or a large sections of them,
identify themselves with the international Islamic community and
this hinders their assimilation into the Indian community. How
do you propose to overcome this problem?

KS: This can be overcome by inculcating a sense of nationalism in
all sections of society. The BJP has been trying to do that. We
implement our policies irrespective of caste and creed. Our plea
to Muslims is that they should not judge us from what our
opponents say about us but more from what we do and what has been
our track record. Wherever the BJP is in power, the Muslims are
more secure. I do not think that the Muslims are inspired by the
international Islamic community. They are as nationalistic as
anyone else.

BS: The other day a Shia leader had said that the Shia will vote
for the BJP if the government allows them to take out Azadari

KS: We are talking to both the sides on this and I am confident
that they will he able to reach amicable solution.

BS: But Babri Mosque issue is a hindrance for winning over

KS: Only a section of Muslims is against us. Most of them
realise that a place where no namaaz is offered for years cannot
he called a masjid and all other masjids in Ayodhya are safe.

BS: Do you propose to raise this issue in the elections?

KS: We shall not but our opponents will and our purpose will he

BS: Since December 1992 and early 1993, the Hindutva plank has
been relegated to the background and other issues have come to
the fore. KS: We have never given up the Hindutva plank. What we
have done is to include other issues to our plank. BS: After the
break with the BSP, what is the social base of the BJP?

KS: It is the entire society.

BS: But this could be your aim and not the present reality?

KS: The Congress is becoming irrelevant, Janata Dal is Finished,
Communists are finished and BSP is going down. Only the SP
remains. The percentage of votes we get is increasing and that of
our opponents is decreasing. People have learnt from their own
experience and they do not want repeated elections.

BS: Which sections have come forward to tie-up with you?

KS: Which ones have gone away from us? We have the largest
number of scheduled cast MPs.

We have largest number of OBC MLAs. We also have largest number
of legislators from upper caste Hindus. When we talk of Dalits,
we assume that all of them are with the BSP and when we talk of
the OBCs we assume that all of them are with the Samajwadi party.
This is not true.

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