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HVK Archives: BJP lashes out at Congress campaign

BJP lashes out at Congress campaign - The Financial Express

Financial Express Bureau ()
January 30, 1998

Title: BJP lashes out at Congress campaign
Author: Financial Express Bureau
Publication: The Financial Express
Date: January 30, 1998

The BJP on Thursday hit out at Sonia Gandhi saying the Congress
election campaign lacked credibility and its main campaigner's
"hit and run campaign methods" raised serious questions of

BJP general secretary M Venkaiah Naidu said without naming Sonia
Gandhi "in her ghost written speeches she disowns her party's and
family's past political conduct. She answers no questions, holds
no press conferences".

"Ghost writers can never influence Indian polity. A campaign of
apologies will proved to be an apology for a campaign," he added.
Questions are to be answered by leaders and not by ghost writers.
Let them face press conferences, the BJP leader challenged.
Apparently the party is a bit piqued by the response of her
public meetings and the perception that it might not be
favourable to BJP in some states, particularly Rajasthan and to
some extent in Madhya Pradesh. Day by day the BJP is sharpening
its attack against Sonia Gandhi. During the past few days the
official briefing has been certain to mention her in one way or
the other. Never it was appreciative of her.

Even on a day when the target was Doordarshan, Sonia took the
prime BJP time. The BJP criticised Doordarshan for overshadowing
the Republic Day speech of President K Narayanan by verplaying
the clippings of Sonia Gandhi's meetings. The BJP charged the DD
with subverting the prestige of the president. Prior to that she
was criticised for her statement on Bofors. It was followed by an
attack on her apology on Babri demolition. Even on Friday BJP had
a dig at her apologies.

It did not leave her even on the Jain Commission issue either.
And the BJP took the advantage of the Chennai court verdict on
Rajiv Gandhi assassination. Naidu said that the Congress had been
unmasked that it had unseated the UF government on no issue and
pushed the nation unnecessarily to the elections. No political
party had been linked by the court to the assassination and the
entire Congress hullabaloo was for nothing. Replying to questions
on the Pune seat, he said if Anna Joshi failed to withdraw his
nominations from the Pune Lok Sabha constituency, it will be
viewed as an anti-party activity. The BJP is supporting Suresh
Kalmadi for the seat.

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