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HVK Archives: Conscience keeper of UF trying to curry favour with Congress

Conscience keeper of UF trying to curry favour with Congress - The Observer

Observer Political Bureau ()
February 17, 1998

Title: onscience keeper of UF trying to curry favour with Congress
Author: Observer Political Bureau
Publication: The Observer
Date: February 17, 1998

The Samata Party on Monday charged senior Janata Dal leader
Vishwanath Pratap Singh with trying to create a political space
for himself through advocating a post-poll alliance between the
United Front and the Congress.

Addressing a press conference here, Samata Party general
secretary Jaya Jaitly said, "V P Singh, behaving as the
quintessential Congressman, is increasingly becoming a supplicant
of the Gandhi dynasty and begging for a political space."

She further accused Mr Singh for "trying to halt a democratic
change" in the country.

"The so-called conscience keeper of the United Front Mr V P Singh
and the Left Front - are constantly trying to forge a post-poll
alliance with the Congress to prevent a democratic change in the
country, she Raid.

"Despite pretensions of social justice and equality they (Singh
and the Left) are going soft on the dynasty only to position
themselves in the same space as before the elections," she

She further said, "If the Left and the UF parties are heading
towards forging the same type of understanding with the Congress
after the elections, both of them will have to answer why they
forced elections on the country, squandering thousands of crores
of rupees which could have been used better developmental

Meanwhile, expressing her party's heartfelt sympathy to the
families of those killed in the serial bomb blasts in Tamil Nadu,
Ms Jaitly held the DMK Government responsible for "the spurt of
fundamentalist activities" in different parts of the State.

"Though alerted of possible fundamentalist attacks in different
parts of the State, the DMK Government had hardly taken any
measures. Therefore, the Karunanidhi Government should be held
responsible for the blasts and pulled up for the security lapses
that resulted in the killing of about 80 innocent people," she

The Samata Party general secretary also blamed Mr Singh for "for
neither condemning the perpetrators of the blasts nor expressing
grief at the tragedy."

She further charged that the Congress, instead of expressing
sympathy for those killed in the tragedy, was trying to
manipulate political profit out of it.

While talking about polling in Bihar, the Samata Party general
secretary asserted that her party was in a firm position in at
least eight constituencies, including Ara, Vikramganj, Jehanabad
and Nalanda.

She further held the RJD responsible for Monday's poll-related
violence in some constituencies like Munger, Khangriya and

The general secretary said that about six persons were killed in
a clash between the supporters of RJD and JD, and in Munger, ue
to poor deployment of security forces, the miscreants were having
a field day there, resulting in large-scale booth capturing.

The Samata Party leader also accused the District Magistrate
there for llowing such incidents to happen in front of his

The Samata Party leader also said that workers if different
parties were engaged in violent activities there, which in
virtually reated terror in the minds of the voters.

Citing an instance of he Rashtriya Janata Dal's hand in poll-
related violence the Samata Party general secretary said that
n Nalanda, RJD candidate Ramswaroop, along with his henchmen,
snatched away the ballot boxes from a polling booth and poured
water and ink into it.

She further said that the polling officials had asked for
Ramswaroop's immediate arrest.

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