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HVK Archives: JD flays RSS for suing Kesri

JD flays RSS for suing Kesri - The Observer

Observer Political Bureau ()
February 20, 1998

Title: JD flays RSS for suing Kesri
Author: Observer Political Bureau
Publication: The Observer
Date: February 20, 1998

Janata Dal on Thursday criticised the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
for suing Congress President Sitaram Kesri on his reported
statement against the Sangh. Kesri had allegedly suspected RSS
hand in the recent Coimbatore bomb blasts.

Talking to newsmen at the party headquarters, JD spokesperson
Mohan Prakash alleged that Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh had no
moral right to drag the Congress President to court of law in
this issue, for, the Sangh was a fundamentalist organisation
constantly engaged in perpetrating communal violence and
fracturing the secular fabric of the country.

"Everyone knows what type of an organisation the RSS is. The
Sangh was suspected in the killing of Mahatma Gandhi. It was
banned couple of times for flaring up communal

passions that resulted in wide-spread violence across the
country. An organisation with dubious distinction has no moral
right to go to the court of law against defamation on such
issues," the JD spokesperson said.

Asked whether his party also saw the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh
Involvement in, the Coimbatore blasts, Mr Mohan Prakash said, the
investigation was progressing and "no inference can be drawn at
this juncture.

But he added it was a fact that the RSS was communal and they
were always engaged In s&~ the communal caldron.

Discussing the blast Mohan Prakash further said that Coimbatore
was communally sensitive for the past few months. Without naming
the RSS he said "one group alone cannot ignite communal tension.
So we demand probe into the Involvement of the other group as

Asked, if his party believed Kesri's charges against the RSS were
true, Mr Prakash quipped, esriji janee aur khuda janee" (Kesri
can only say what he said was true or not).

To another question he said, the BJP was trying to draw electoral
profit out of the blast for, "the very first reaction of Advani
proved that. Instead of expressing sympathy towards the blast
victims and their families the BJP leader was blaming the DMK
Government for the blast."

Asked about the Janata Dal's reaction on the allegation that
Sonia Gandhi did not express her sympathy to the blast victims,
he quipped, he herself is trying to draw sympathy."

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