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Sonia turns media shy - Indian Express
Sonia turns media shy - Indian Express
Express News Service
February 26, 1998 Title: Sonia turns media shy
Author: Express News Service
Publication: The Indian Express
Date: February 26, 1998

Sonia Gandhi, who addressed a series of well-attended
meetings in Kerala on Monday, did not respond to a
request by the media here for an interaction with her.

Thiruvananthapuram Press Club, in a letter sent to
Sonia, had asked her to take some time off from her
busy schedule in the State to address the Press.

The club had noted that it would be most befitting if
Sonia started off facing the media in a politically
conscious and literate State like Kerala.

The club had also sent copies of the letter to many
persons, including Congress president Sitaram Kesri.
However, there was no reply from Sonia, who has
assiduously kept a safe distance from the Press, nor an
acknowledgement of the letter sent by the club.

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