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HVK Archives: India can simulate N-tests in supercomputers: C-DAC chief

India can simulate N-tests in supercomputers: C-DAC chief - Maharashtra Herald

PTI ()
May 31, 1998

Title: India can simulate N-tests in supercomputers: C-DAC chief
Author: PTI
Publication: Maharashtra Herald
Date: May 31, 1998

India now possesses the technology to make supercomputers which
can simulate nuclear tests without carrying out any more
underground tests, said the chief architect of India's PARAM
10000' supercomputer, Dr Vijay Bhatkar.

Dr Bhatkar, the founder executive director of Centre for
Development of Advance Computing (C-DAC) which built the PARAM
supercomputer, told PTI here today that if the international
community resists India's attempts to carry out further
underground tests then India can make use of supercomputers by
using the critical data collected from the five nuclear tests
which it carried out on May 11 and 13.

Bhatkar said the C-DAC, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and the
applied numerical research and analysis group (ANURAG) of DRDO
have the capacity to build supercomputers which can can-y out
mission critical applications.

"We do not have to depend upon any foreign country like Japan or
the USA to supply US the critical components which are needed for
such computers. India is now capable of building such computers
>from the commodity components which are available aplenty in
India," he said.

He said the united states was preventing other countries from
carrying out nuclear tests and asking them to carry out computer
simulation of the tests in their (USA's) computers.

"But there are not many takers for this proposal as it is always
a danger that the Americans could get access to the defence
secrets of the country which uses their computers," he said.

Dr Bhatkar said in order to promote Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
(CTBT), the USA had launched the advance super computing
initiative (ASCI). Projects are initiated under it to build
teraflop range which can simulate nuclear tests and carry out
stockpile simulation of nuclear weapons without carrying out
physical tests.

USA has banned the export of all high performance super computers
whose computing power exceeds 200 mega theoretical operations per
second (MTOPS) and specific restriction exists for export to

But India's supercomputer PARAM 10000 is capable of performing
100,000,000,000 mathematical operations per second (100 giga-
flops peak). This computer has placed India among the league of
nations possessing the most powerful machine of its kind, he

Asked whether the PARAM 10000 computers would be used to carry
out simulation of nuclear tests, Bhatkar said he PARAM
computers of C-DAC is a computer which is built for general
purpose like scientific and industrial research. Since it is
connected with internet, it cannot be used for carrying out
simulations of nuclear tests as the vital secrets and critical
data can reach in wrong hands.

"But since we have the expertise, it is not difficult now to
males special computers to carry out simulations of nuclear
tests," he added.

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