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HVK Archives: Islamic_bomb threat to Israel, says Moynihan

Islamic_bomb threat to Israel, says Moynihan - The Hindu

Rye Brook, New York ()
May 30, 1998

Title: Islamic bomb threat to Israel, says Moynihan
Author: Rye Brook, New York
Publication: The Hindu
Date: May 30, 1998

Pakistan's nuclear tests mean that Israel could be threatened by
an Islamic bomb, US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan said today.

ow you have the Islamic bomb and it will inevitably by pointed
at the Middle East, Mr Moynihan, a former Ambassador to India,
said at a news conference.

In an earlier speech to the State Democratic convention, he
warned that the testing of nuclear devices by India and now
Pakistan have brought the world to the edge of nuclear war.

ou see the pattern. Wee been there before, Mr Moynihan said.

Many Muslims say an Islamic bomb is a strategic counterweight to
Israel's own nuclear arsenal.

Returning to the theme of his Sunday commencement address at
Middlebury College in Vermont, Mr Moynihan said that during the
cold war. the standoff between the United States and the Soviet
Union had kept the spread of nuclear weapons under control.
Things have changed, Mr Moynihan said on Sunday and again today.

Asked if he any advice for Israel, Mr Moynihan demurred.

eople have been giving an awful lot of free advice to Israel at
the moment, so maybe I should desist, the veteran Senator said.

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