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Global panchayat - The Observer

Editorial ()
June 8, 1998

Title: Global panchayat
Author: Editorial
Publication: The Observer
Date: June 8, 1998

For those who still remain unconvinced of the government's
compulsions to carry out nuclear tests, the UN Security Council's
arrogant and unfair treatment to India on the issue should be an
eye-opener. On Saturday, the five permanent members of the
Security Council - who happen to be in possession of thousands of
nuclear weapons - gave up all pretensions of impartiality and put
India in the dock. For what crime? India has done exactly what
these five worthies have been doing for decades. It also defies
common sense that they have the audacity to condemn as major a
power as India whose contribution to world peace and disarmament
is beyond dispute.

The condemnation comes spiced with pontifications: First, India
and Pakistan should reconcile to their fate as non-nuclear
powers! Second, Kashmir is the 'flash point' in South Asia and,
India and Pakistan should resolve the dispute so that an arms
race and escalation could be avoided. By according holy
scripture status to discriminatory pacts like the NPT and CTBT,
the P-5 are jealously safeguarding their special position as
unquestioned rulers of the world. That India challenged their
monopoly is too much for them to stomach. On Kashmir, it is
obvious how it has become a 'flash point'. If Pakistan stops its
nefarious involvement in inciting separatism and violence, there
is no crisis in Kashmir. But the so-called 'international
community' has remained a mute spectator for almost a decade
during which time Pakistan openly fanned communal and separatist
sentiments in Kashmir.

If Pakistan's nuclear test(s) vindicated the government's
reasoning on security compulsions, the Security Council's
arrogance has brought home the reality that fighting against
inequality in the world order is a long and arduous task. As the
government has finally put its act together to claim India's well-
deserved place under the sun, it Is time the nation unitedly took
on the unjust world order. Prime Minister Vajpayee made India's
position quite clear: Either the P-5 should admit India as their
equal or accept India's offer to realise total, global nuclear

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