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HVK Archives: By-poll results put Kalyan in strong saddle

By-poll results put Kalyan in strong saddle - The Observer

Prajnan Bhattacharya ()
June 9, 1998

Title: By-poll results put Kalyan in strong saddle
Author: Prajnan Bhattacharya
Publication: The Observer
Date: June 9, 1998

The outcome of the just concluded by-polls to the Uttar Pradesh
Assembly has helped the ruling BJP to consolidate its position.

Meanwhile, the BSP too has managed to retain its three seats by
improving its vote percentage remarkably.

However, it had been a nightmarish experience for the Samajwadi
Party, which not only suffered seat loses but went down in vote
percentage as well.

The by-polls were for seven seats, which were vacant after four
the Samajwadi Party members resigned and three BSP MLAs got
elected to the Lok Sabha in the recent Parliamentary polls.

The BJP stakes were very little as none of these seats belonged
to them. But Chief Minister Kalyan Singh made it a prestige issue
for the party as they wanted to establish the fact that the
ruling party enjoyed the faith of the people. And the results
vindicated their stand.

The BJP candidates wrested the Tulsipur, Nagina and Dildarnagar
seats, while the BSP retained Harora and Chaubeypur and wrested
the Maduhaun seat from Samajwadi Party. The Samajwadi Party had
to be satisfied with the Milkipur seat.

It can be noted that Harora was Mayawati's Assembly seat.
Tulsipur was won in 1996 by BSP nominee Rizwan Zaheera, who later
won the Lok Sabha elections on a Samajwadi Party ticket from

The Chaubeypur seat too was vacant after Hari Kishen left BSP and
joined the Samajwadi Party, but lost in the Parliamentary polls.
Similarly, Nagina, Madihaun, Dildranagar and Milkipur were the
seats of the Samajwadi Party, but they could manage to win only
the Milkipur seat in Faizabad district. This was the seat of
Mistrasen Yadav, who defeated BJP heavyweight Vinay Katiyar in
the last Lok Sabha polls.

In fact, WP the show because of the fragmented Opposition, where
the Samajwadi Party, BSP, Congress and others (CPI, BKKP, Janata
Dal) formed a separate ground altogether.

In the vote percentage, BJP lost 2.87 per cent from the Lok Sabha
polls (from 36.48 to 33.61), while the BSP gained most with a
8.06 per cent increase in its vote share (from 20.9 to 28.96) and
Congress and Samajwadi Party lost 3.03 (from 6.02 to 2.99) and
1.59 (from 28.69 to 27.10) respectively.

Similarly, the BJP, Which was behind in all Assembly , segments
in the last Parliamentary polls, won seats in the political bases
of the Samajwadi Party and the BSP.

These elections were beneficial for the BJP.

In other words too, as its allies BSP (Jantantrik) and the
Loktantrik Congress could not win a single seat despite the BJP
support, which proved the BJP stand that the allies are mere
allies and do not match the BJP in political strength.

When asked, Chief Minister Kalyan Singh claimed it as a mandate
given to the work of the BJP-led Governments at the Centre and in
the State. "It is because of the policies adopted by the BJP-led
coalition governments which are people-oriented and showing
results," he said.

Similarly, Mayawati termed it as the growing popularity of the
Bhaujan Samaj Party. "We have not been able to retain all the
seats, but has increased our vote percentage remarkably.

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