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HVK Archives: Dawood's man in Nepal

Dawood's man in Nepal - Outlook

Rajesh Joshi ()
June 15, 1998

Title: Dawood's man in Nepal
Author: Rajesh Joshi
Publication: Outlook
Date: June 15, 1998

A serious effort or just another gimmick? Even as the government
for the first time initiates a move to get Mirza Dilshad Beg,
Nepal's former minister and a close associate of Dawood Ibrahim,
extradited from his adopted country, there are apprehensions that
the exercise might turn out to be yet another damp squib.

Given the money power and heavy clout that Beg enjoys in the
political circles of Nepal, India's request to extradite him is
likely to fall on deaf ears. Even officials involved in the
extradition process are not too sure about the outcome. Says one
top official: "Mirza Dilshad Beg holds the key to government
formation in Nepal. He can buy any number of MPs. But at least
the government has decided to go on record that the man is wanted

Interestingly, the government's effort to get Mirza extradited
coincides with the VHP workers' recent meeting with L.K. Advani.
The VHP reportedly briefed the home minister about a "sudden
increase in the number of madrassas" on the Indo-Nepal border and
requested him to take steps to check the activities of the Inter-
Service Intelligence 'agents' in the area. The VHP is planning to
take out yatras on both sides of the border to highlight the

However, these apprehensions notwithstanding, the government has
asked the departments concerned to prepare a case to initiate the
extradition proceedings. The Central Bureau of Investigation, in
consultation with the Uttar Pradesh police, is busy preparing a
dossier on Dilshad Beg, detailing his criminal activities in
India. Since all cases against Beg are registered in UP, the
request to initiate extradition proceedings will have to come
>from that state government. It will then be processed by the
ministry of external affairs and finally be put before the Nepal
government. As a first step, Neeraj Kumar, the CBI DIG, recently
had a detailed discussion with UP police officials.

Details of intelligence reports on Dilshad Beg available with
Outlook show that apart from his role in patronising
international criminals and providing them logistical support,
the don is also associated with ISI activities in a big way. The
reports say that Beg is "suspected to be involved in virtually
every sphere of ISI-sponsored activity". Top intelligence sources
reveal that when Beg and his family went for Haj pilgrimage
recently, the entire expenditure was borne by the Pakistani
intelligence agency. According to the report Beg "is known to be
in touch with criminals and some politicians of UP with criminal

An Indian by birth, Beg originally hails from village Bhelani of
Deoria district in eastern UP. He started his career as a petty
criminal but later shifted to Nepal as a big-time gangster. After
being thrown out of the Nepal Sadbhavna Party, Beg joined the
Rashtriya Prajatantrik Party and twice became a minister. An MP
>from Krishna Nagar area on the Indo-Nepal border, Beg is reported
"to provide safe passage to criminals, especially of the Dawood
gang, into India through Krishna Nagar". This involvement with D-
company came to light when many of the Bombay blast accused fled
India via Kathmandu. They were provided all necessary help and a
safe passage to Dubai.

Government agencies are aware that major illegal arms trafficking-
75 per cent of the illegal arms flow into India-is done through
Krishna Nagar, Mirza's hometown. Bhakka bhai, an active member of
the D-company and a known gun-runner, allegedly works under
Mirza's patronage. His patronage to notorious criminals became
obvious a few years ago when he opposed the attempt made by the
Delhi Police to arrest Babloo Srivastava saying the latter was a
Nepalese subject. Babloo and his gang members were provided
logistical support in Kathmandu by Mirza. Babloo's gang member
Virendra Pant told Outlook that the accused in the L.D. Arora
murder case were also given shelter by Mirza in Kathmandu.

In addition, the UP police has a long list of crimes committed by
Mirza in the state. Irfan alias Gama, a notorious criminal of
eastern UP and an associate of Mirza, was involved in the Menaka
talkies blast on January 26, 1993. Gama later told the police
that the bomb was provided by Mirza. Auto-lifting is another
major 'business' run by Mirza. According to a rough estimate,
around 60 to 65 per cent of auto lifting in northern India is
done by the Mirza syndicate. Maruti cars and vans lifted from
Delhi and UP can be seen lined up in front of Mirza's house in
Krishna Nagar.

Officials say in such cases extradition requests ultimately
become a routine affair. For the last so many years the
government has been religiously sending requests to Dubai for
Dawood Ibrahim's extradition, but despite an Interpol warrant,
there has been no concrete result.

The BJP, meanwhile, is hoping for definite political mileage out
of the exercise. The political fallout of the move will be more
than favourable for the party as it has always raised the issue-
at times to counter political rivals like Mulayam Singh Yadav-of
a vast ISI network across the country. Could Mirza Dilshad Beg
just provide the key to that shadowy network?

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