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HVK Archives: Chinese missile technology for Pak with US consent

Chinese missile technology for Pak with US consent - The Indian Express (Pune)

Press Trust of India ()
July 10, 1998

Title: Chinese missile technology for Pak with US consent
Author: Press Trust of India
Publication: The Indian Express (Pune)
Date: July 10, 1998

The United State has given Chinese companies a green light to
sell missile technology to countries like Pakistan and Iran, Gary
Milhollin, a nuclear expert has testified before a US
parliamentary committee.

The US administration has made three crucial decisions in this
regard, Milhollin, director of Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms
Control said in his testimony made recently before the Committees
on International Relations and National Security of the US house
of representatives.

He said, in the first instance, the US has decided to transfer
control over satellite exports from the state department to the
commerce department, an action that effectively pulls the teeth
>from any future US sanctions against Chinese companies guilty of
missile proliferation.

Washington has also decided to suspend, without any legal basis,
the implementation of US statutes that require sanctions to be
imposed against Chinese companies for past sales of missile
technology to Pakistan and Iran, he said.

Thirdly, US has decided to invite China to join the Missile
Technology Control Regime, an invitation, if accepted, immunise
Chinese firms from any future application of US sanctions laws
for missile proliferation, he contended.

Officials here said the American nuclear expert's testimony
confirmed India's concerns of Washington pursuing a policy of
duplicity on the issue of nuclear non-proliferation.

merica asked the Indians to show restraint in nuclear testing,
but America was unwilling to put restraints on its own satellite
companies by sanctioning China, Milhollin said in his testimony.

He said there was change in the US sanctions policy by he Clinton
administration in 1995 when it overlooked Chinese supply of
missiles components to Iran and Pakistan.

In 1996, Washington refused to act on explicit findings by the
intelligence community that the transfers occurred. Washington's
policy on sanctions enabled Chinese satellite launch companies to
sell missiles and missile components to Pakistan and Iran without
fear of punishment, Milhollin testified.

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