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HVK Archives: Islamic group's list of demands

Islamic group's list of demands - Afternoon Despatch & Courier

Posted By Krishnakant Udavant (kkant@bom2.vsnl.net.in)
August 10, 1998

Title: Islamic group's list of demands
Date: August 10, 1998
Publication: Afternoon Despatch & Courier

The withdrawal of US and Western forces from Muslim countries in
general and from the Arabian peninsula in particular, including

The lifting of the naval blockade imposed round the Arabian
peninsula and the withdrawal of warships from Islamic waters.

The release of ulemas (religious scholars) and young Muslims
detained in the US, Israel and in Saudi Arabia, and first and
foremost Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman (the spiritual guide of the
Egyptian Fundamentalist organisation Jamma Islamiya who is jailed
in the US) and Sheikh Salmana al-Wada (a Saudi dissident).

A halt to the expropriation of Muslim riches, in particular: the
oil wealth of the Arabian peninsula and of Muslim countries.

An end to all forms of US support to Israel.

An end to the war of eradication being waged by the US with the
aid of governments in its pay, against young Muslims under the
pretext of fighting terrorism.

An end to the campaigns of extermination conducted by the US
against certain Muslim nations in the guise of economic

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