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ISI patrons hoodwink SIT - The Indian Express

S Gopinath Reddy ()
August 9, 1998

Title: ISI patrons hoodwink SIT
Author: S Gopinath Reddy
Publication: The Indian Express
Date: August 9, 1998

Virtually groping in the dark about ISI activities in the city,
the police have no clue about the whereabouts of six persons
acquitted in the murder of additional SP Krishna Prasad.

Mujeeb Ahmed, prime accused in the case, was sentenced to life
while the other accused - KJ Sinny Don, K Babu, Mohd Rahmatullah
Tayyab, Mohd Shajatullah Khan, Shaik Obaid and Mohd Abdul Bari -
were acquitted a year ago. All of them had ISI links and were
considered potential troublemakers.

But surprisingly, the Special Investigation Team (SIT), which is
expected to keep a close watch on ISI activists in the city, has
no idea of their whereabouts. The team did not even bother to
make an effort to locate them two months after the ISI conspiracy
to trigger explosions in the city during festivals was busted.

In fact it was only after The Indian Express contacted city
police commissioner RP Singh regarding the whereabouts of the six
persons that the SIT began a search for them. According to Singh,
they were only "couriers" of Mujeeb Ahmed and probably for this
reason the SIT did not pay much attention. "I have directed the
team to locate them," he added.

According to insiders, senior police officials appear to have
almost lost confidence in SIT For instance, the ISI conspiracy
case and circulation of the derogatory pamphlet case were handed
over to the detective department as the contribution of SIT in
solving the two cases was almost nil.

s soon as the ISI conspiracy came to light the SIT should have
tried to locate all those who had links with the Pakistani agency
and rounded them up. But they never made any such attempt,"
observed a senior police official.

Meanwhile, a majority of the Hyderabadis arrested in 'ISI
conspiracy case' are understood to have told the police during
interrogation that that they had joined hands with ISI agents not
for money but because of the happenings in Kashmir.

ll the 12 Hyderabadis involved in the case were brainwashed by
the ISI agents. There could be several others who might be
waiting for an opportunity to give vent to their anger in some
form or the other," an official said.

The ISI, which had tried to penetrate the city and its environs
in the early 0s through political parties, has of late changed
its strategy. The agency received a major setback when its top
member Mujeeb Ahmed was arrested after he shot dead additional SP
Krishna Prasad a few years ago.

"The change in strategy could be due to reversals in the past. It
is not easy to indulge in underground activities by establishing
links with any political party," Singh said.

According to him, Hyderabad was "fertile ground" for ISI
activities as the agency had links with local fundamentalist
elements and the patronage of some rich people.

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