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HVK Archives: TN blasts: Kerala link confirmed

TN blasts: Kerala link confirmed - The Hindustan Times

T. N. Nair ()
September 30, 1998

Title: TN blasts: Kerala link confirmed
Author: T. N. Nair
Publication: The Hindustan Times
Date: September 30, 1998

The Kerala connection with the serial blasts that rocked
Coimbatore seven months ago was established yesterday when the
Special Investigating Team (SIT) of Tamil Nadu CID filed a
chargesheet before the fifth judicial magistrate's court naming
Abdul Nasser Mahdhani, chief of the People's Democratic of
Kerala, as the fourth accused.

Tow other people originally belonging to Kerala linked with the
Coimbatore conspiracy to eliminate Union Home Minister L.K.
Advani are Ooma Babu and Zakir Hussain. The 840-page preliminary
chargesheet mentions 166 persons as having played a part in the
well-organised conspiracy that led to 19 bomb blasts between Feb
14 to 17, which killed 58 people and left 250 others injured.
The damage to private and public property is put at Rs 4.3

The charges against the accused include the aiding and abetting
of the use of improvised explosive devices (IED) by suicide-
bombers, who had come to the venue of Mr Advani's meeting iwth
belt and throw bombs to eliminate the BJP leader. They might
have succeeded in their design but for the tight police security
and the delayed arrival of Mr Advani's flight.

The immediate effect of naming Mahdhani as a key conspirator
along with the founder-leader of Al-Umma, S.A. Basha, listed as
their he first accused=94, is that the Muslim fundamentalist
outfits, which have been carrying on a violent agitation for the
release of the PDP leader in various Kerala towns and cities,
have no ground to stand upon.

For months together, Muslim organisations under various banners
have been taking out rallies and staging demonstrations outside
the Raj Bhavan to pressurise the Left Democratic Front (LDF)
Government to secure the release of Mahdhani.

Though Chief Minister has been pointing out that his Government
had no role to play in the matter, Muslim activities have been
holding the citizens to ransom, with volunteers brought in a
convoy of buses all the way from the Malabar region to block the
roads leading to the Raj Bhavan.

Even yesterday, a little-known organisation, Muslim Aikya Vedi,
threw normal life out of gear in Kollam, staging a violent rally
to seek the release of Mahdhani, which left four policemen in
injured, one of them seriously. Now that the allegation that the
PDP leader had been jailed under the National Security Act
without any serious charges against him has been what further
tactics Mahdhani's supporters would employ to bring him out of
the Salem jail.

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