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HVK Archives: PWG links with Kashmir ultras bared

PWG links with Kashmir ultras bared - The Indian Express

T Sunil Reddy ()
September 29, 1998

Title: PWG links with Kashmir ultras bared
Author: T Sunil Reddy
Publication: The Indian Express
Date: September 29, 1998

The outlawed People's War Group (PWG) of Andhra Pradesh has
reportedly established contacts with ISI-sponsored terrorist
groups in the Kashmir valley.

According to authoritative sources, Azam Ghouri, a top-rank
militant of Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba outfit, met some
important leaders of the PWG in Warangal and Nizamabad districts
a couple of weeks ago.

Supply of arms and other explosive materials to the militant
naxalite group figured in the meeting, sources said.
Incidentally, Ghouri was a former functionary of the PWG.

Though the PWG leadership was initially opposed to any link with
pan-Islamic terrorist outfits, it is now preferring to establish
contacts in an attempt to obtain latest lethal weapons from the
foreign mercenaries.

Ghouri, a native of Hanmajipet in Warangal district, left the PWG
a decade ago after his hand was damaged in a grenade attack.

Soon after, he moved to Mumbai and later crossed the border to
join the fundamental outfit. He reportedly obtained training in
use of explosives from Taliban militia in Afghanistan.

Terrorist outfits fighting security forces in the Kashmir valley
have in their arsenal all the latest equipment, including rocket
launchers and plastic explosive devices being smuggled from
across the border.

The PWG intends to intensify guerrilla warfare in the northern
Telangana region and hence badly needs such weaponry, an
intelligence official said.

Special teams were despatched to Warangal and Nizamabad districts
to gather more information about the meetings Ghouri had with

Ghouri was arrested along with an associate, Abu Talha, while
crossing the border at Surankot in Poonch district of Jammu and
Kashmir on September 23 and a huge quantity of arms, ammunition
and explosive material was recovered from their possession.

Wasim Akram, chief of Lashkar-e-Toiba's operations in the
country, was killed in the same encounter.

The special task force personnel of J&K Police, who were involved
in the operation, reportedly gathered vital information about
Ghouri's activities in Andhra Pradesh.

The Intelligence Bureau (IB) last month sounded an alert in the
South about Ghouri's clandestine operations, especially in Andhra
Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

The records at the State intelligence office here have details of
the subversive activities perpetuated by Ghouri in the state.

He was reportedly involved in as many as 60 major crimes,
including blasting of Humayun Nagar police station a couple of
years ago.

He was in regular touch with the arrested ISI resident agent for
Hyderabad, Junaid, and provided him details about different
organisations, sources said.

"With Ghouri being nabbed in Kashmir, we are hopeful of getting
vital clues about his operations in the state," a senior official
said. Confirming that the arrested terrorist did spend a few days
in Warangal and Nizamabad, the official declined to divulge more

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