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HVK Archives: President set a wrong precedent: Shekhar

President set a wrong precedent: Shekhar - The Indian Express

R B Singh ()
October 6, 1998

Title: President set a wrong precedent: Shekhar
Author: R B Singh
Publication: The Indian Express
Date: October 6, 1998

Former prime minister Chandra Shekhar today said President K R
Narayanan had set a wrong precedent by rejecting the Union
Cabinet's advice to dismiss the Rabri Devi Government in Bihar.

Addressing mediapersons at the Press Club here, he said in a
democracy Parliament is supreme and its recommendations must be
respected by the President.

"Since the Cabinet itself was not sure if Bihar was a fit case
for imposition of Article 356, it sent its recommendation for his
approval," he said.

The Cabinet should have sent its recommendation to the President
again after it was rejected the first time, he added.

If the law and order situation in Bihar State was bad, it was not
any better in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and some other states,
he said, adding that if one went by Shiv Sena supremo Bal
Thackeray's statement that Maharashtra would be on fire if he was
arrested on the recommendations of the Srikrishna Commission's
report then that state would be a fit case for President's Rule.

The former prime minister said he was not happy with the
performance of the Vajpayee Government..

"The sooner the Government goes, the better it is for the people
of the country. The party which tries to divide the country on
caste and religion has no right to rule the country.

"Our country is a secular nation and here such divisive forces
should not be allowed to prosper," he said.

He said that the Government was constantly changing its stand on
important issues and only wished to remain in power at the cost
of its principles.

Denying that he had sought the BJP's help in winning the
elections, he said the party had supported him on its own.

He also said he had received the support of the Samajwadi Party.

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