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HVK Archives: Missionaries' misdeeds infuriate locals' (Excerpts)

Missionaries' misdeeds infuriate locals' (Excerpts) - Mid-Day

Vitusha Oberoi ()
October 6, 1998

Title: Missionaries misdeeds infuriate locals (Excerpts)
Author: Vitusha Oberoi
Publication: Mid-Day
Date: October 6, 1998

Interview of Acharya Giriraj Kishore, Gen. Secretary, VHP.

Q: How do you view the rape of four nuns in Madhya Pradesh?
A: It was a criminal act and the VHP condemns the episode. No
organisation can condone such a nasty thing.

Q: But VHP leader B L Sharma Prem has implied that the nuns
brought it all upon themselves because of the conversions in the
A: The statement issued by Prem has been misunderstood. Also, it
is not the VHP's official statement. This area were converted
Christians. The two persons who have been arrested are converted
Christians and they have named some 20 people. The gang is also
being patronised by the local Congress MP (Kanti Lal Bhuria).
Dragging the VHP into the issue is a sinister move to malign the
organisation by Digvijay Singh to derive some mileage in the
forthcoming election.

Q: What prompted Prem to make that statement?
A: He did not know the entire episode and hurriedly reacted to
it. I told him to contradict it the very day it was reported.

Q: Do you see any merit in the argument that conversions are
leading to resentment against missionaries?
A: I don think that the locals react unless they are annoyed
by the misdeeds of the missionaries.

Q: What is you stand on conversions?
A: My contention is that most Christians and Muslims in the
country are converts, so their habits remain the same. They
should stick to their heritage and believe in their forefathers.
Then there will be no problem.

Q: But then they will have to worship Hindu gods?
A: When Indonesians can worship Ram because they feel they have
changed their religion, not their forefathers, they why can
the Christians and Muslims in our country worship Ram?

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