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HVK Archives: If it is not Islamic then What is it?

If it is not Islamic then What is it? - India Post

Venkata Swamy ()
October 9, 1998

Title: If it is not Islamic then What is it?
Author: Venkata Swamy
Publication: India Post
Date: October 9, 1998

Times news report from Peshawar, Pakistan dated September 18,
1998; states:

"The refugees who are arriving here each day on foot from the
northern Afghan city of Mazar-I-Sharif say they fled a city
littered ,with corpses, some of them machine-gunned, others with
throats cut, other blown to pieces by missiles and grenades.
There were bodies in the streets, in the city and in the
markets. All of them were civilians."

"What the refugees are saying is extremely consistent, and in
our view very credible. On the first day there was a kind of
frenzied killing spree of every body that was on the street,
including animals." Rupert Colville, UN Spokesman said.

"They killed children, ladies, every one," said a 38-year-old
engineer who declined to give his name because he feared
reprisals against himself and family members. He fled with the
help of a friend and on the way he saw a local shoeshine man.
His throat was slit. But other bodies are unrecognizable, he
said. "After a few days, you can't tell who they are," he said.
"The dogs had begun to eat them."

"They were shouting, we will kill them, we will kill them
(Allahu Akbar) we will kill them" said a refugee woman.

But we read in India Post dated October 2 under. slam - the
Single Standard", that "Islam is a religion of peace", "There is
no compulsion in Islam=94, slam forbids killing of innocent
people=94, oslems are allowed to kill only when attacked",
"Islamic invaders came to India to uplift lower castes"

In light of these killings and in light of what Sabeel Ahmed has
been saying to us all the time, naturally some questions arise.

If Islam is religion of peace, then who are Taliban? Kafirs? If
Islam came to India to uplift lower castes, what castes among
those killed in Majar I Sharif were uplifted?

If there is no compulsion in Islam how can killings of Shias in
Afghanistan, some 20,000 according to one account and many such
even in Pakistan be explained?

If Islam forbids killing of innocents then those women killed
must have violated provisions of Islam otherwise purely Islamic
Taliban would not kill them.

And if Muslims do not kill unless attacked, then Children
slaughtered must have attacked Koran and Prophet. Perhaps some
learned Muslims from some ofthe front organizations for Taliban
or Hamas or Harakut or Hezbollah or Mujahuddin here can explain
to us and break this conundrum.

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