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HVK Archives: Mercenaries sneak into Valley, courtesy Laden

Mercenaries sneak into Valley, courtesy Laden - The Hindustan Times

Vijay Dutt ()
October 5, 1998

Title: Mercenaries sneak into Valley, courtesy Laden
Author: Vijay Dutt
Publication: The Hindustan Times
Date: October 5, 1998

Over 700 elite Islamic mercenaries have crossed over from
Pakistan through the Pir Panjal mountains and established

bases in the Kashmir Valley, according to a report in the Sunday
Times. They have been helped by agents of the multi-millionaire
Osama Bin Laden who is, according to reports here, rebuilding
his fortresses in Afghanistan which were destroyed by the
American Cruise missiles about a month ago.

The agents have also been using radio sets to incite the local
people by alleging that "Muslims are being massacred by the
forces of imperialism." All these broadcasts are in code, using
words from the Koran. The mercenaries have been trained to
create terror by unleashing violence in the Valley.

The Times report says that Ghulam, 25, who smuggled 700
mercenaries was recruited by a member of Harkat-ul-Ansar, the
heavily armed Islamic guerrilla group. This group is in the
vanguard of terrorism in the Valley and has been fighting the
Indian security forces. Bin Laden has been financing this

Ghulam was taken to the training camp in Khost in Afghanistan.
It was in this camp here that five terrorists who were to be
smuggled into the Valley were reportedly killed when Americans
fired their missiles. Ghulam has revealed that he underwent a 90-
day course before being introduced to a 10-man unit which he had
to guide back to India. He was paid Rs 50,000 while each of the
mercenaries were paid Rs 40,000 and made to sign a contract to
fight in India for two years.

Ghulam referred to Bin Laden as father who sends rothers from
Afghanistan to wage jehad=94. A women in Srinagar has been quoted
as saying that lind Laden is coming - he will purge the Indian
Army from Kashmir. It is further claimed that he has set his
sights on Kashmir and sent over diehard fundamentalists, highly
armed and trained suicide squads who want to take on India and
the West.

One Mohammad Raina who has just come back to London from
Srinagar told this correspondent that he saw many Afghanis and
strangers in the Valley. He heard that the men sent by Laden are
under instructions to keep the Valley on boil and also spread
across various parts of India to select soft targets for

PTI ADDS: Other British media reports said, acutely embarrassed
by recent ear international exposure of its running terrorist
camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan itself, the Pakistan Army high
command, through its run and controlled Taliban militia, had
directed Laden to divert himself from threat to America and
moderate Arab Government to concentrate his private Islamic Army
in Kashmir for a decisive summer terror campaign and its rapid
spread beyond into other regions in India.

The reports of Pakistani Army intelligence orders to Laden
assume significance in the wake of recent Western reports of
foreign Islamic mercenaries having taken control of militancy in
Kashmir, with most of the Kashmiri groups giving up the path of

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