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HVK Archives: Centre website to counter Naga rebels

Centre website to counter Naga rebels - The Asian Age

Rezaul H. Laskar ()
October 7, 1998

Title: Centre website to counter Naga rebels
Author: Rezaul H. Laskar
Publication: The Asian Age
Date: October 7, 1998

The Union home ministry's campaign against Naga rebel groups is
all set to enter a new dimension - cyberspace.

The home ministry has drawn up plans to create a website on the
Internet, or the information superhighway, to counter the anti-
India propaganda put out by insurgent group such as the Isak-
Muivah faction of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland on
their own websites. Government sources told The Asian Age the
home ministry proposal was approved about a month ago, and
officials were at present working out the information to be
posted on the home ministry's proposed Nagaland website.

The home ministry decided to create its own website on Nagaland
in view of the NSCN(I-M)'s extensive use of the Internet to put
out anti-India propaganda.

"Me NSCN(I-M) website, available at
www.angelfire.com/mo/Nagaland, contains a lot of information
which is not factual. It can, however, be accessed by people
from all over the world," the sources said. The Naga rebel
group, engaged in peace talks with New Delhi for the past 14
months, recently posted several articles on its website about
alleged atrocities against the predominantly Christian
population of Nagaland.

The home ministry took "serious note" of these articles and
decided to extend its anti-insurgency campaign to cyberspace,
the sources said.

Meanwhile, the home ministry has sent a detailed note on the
proposed reorganisation of the North Eastern Council to the
Union Cabinet, the sources said. Once the note is approved by
the Cabinet, it will be sent to the Union law ministry for
clearance. Following this, a draft bill on the reorganisation
will be introduced during the next session of Parliament, the
sources said.

A meeting of Northeastern chief ministers convened by Prime
Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee has already approved the
reorganisation of the Council. As part of the proposal to revamp
the Council, the Northeastern chief ministers will be made
members of the organisation's governing body and Sikkim will be
included as the eighth member of the Council. The former United
Front government had decided to delink the Council from the home
ministry, but this proposal was shelved by the present

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