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HVK Archives: RSS sympathisers appointed to key ICSSR posts (and a comment)

RSS sympathisers appointed to key ICSSR posts (and a comment) - The Asian Age

Josy Joseph ()
October 14, 1998

Title: RSS sympathisers appointed to key ICSSR posts (and a comment)
Author: Josy Joseph
Publication: The Asian Age
Date: October 14, 1998

The Indian Council of Social Science Research has been
reconstituted by the Centre to accommodate several pro-RSS
academies. The move by the human resource development minister,
Dr Murli Manohar Joshi, comes a few months after he reconstituted
the Indian Council for Historical Research with historians with
known BJP affiliations.

The reconstitution in the 18-member council of the ICSSR, the
country's premiere institute on social science research with an
annual budget of Rs 12.5 crores, has ensured a BJP sympathetic
majority. Most of the new members are obscure names with no
significant academic achievements. say senior academicians.

Through an order last week, the HRD ministry reconstituted the
ICSSR council, replacing 12 of the 18 members. The
reconstitution has given a sweeping majority to the pro-RSS
academics in the council, claim insiders.

The Centre rejected the entire list of probables forwarded by the
present chairman D.M. Nanjundappa, a nominee of the United Front
government. The Centre had recently also rejected the list of
three people forwarded by the chairman for the post of member-
secretary, now lying vacant.

Among those who now find a place in the newly-constituted council
are P.N. Chopra, a historian who was removed from the chief
editorship of the now controversial Towards Freedom project of
ICHR in 1980s. Mr Chopra had dragged leftist historian and then
ICHR chairman Irfan Habib, to the court for removing him from the
Towards Freedom project, which after spending Rs 2 crores is
nowhere near completion today.

A historian with known pro-RSS leanings, Mr Chopra could not be
accommodated in the ICHR council where there was a rush of pro-
RSS historians to join the saffron brigade being constituted. He
has now been compensated with a seat in the ICSSR council.

Another prominent name that figures in the list is that of
Sharodendu Mukherjee, a reader at the Hansraj College and an
active member of the top rung of RSS intellectuals. Professor
Parimal Kumas Das of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, who shot to
limelight during last general elections by establishing the
Academics for Vajpayee, is also a member of the new ICSSR
council. Mr Das is a former Lohiya-ite who now has a declared
allegiance to the RSS. Senior academicians say that except for
Janak Pandey, director of GB Pant Institute of Allahabad, most of
the other members are relatively unknown in the academic circles.
The others in the new council are: Umarao Singh Chaudhary, SK
Gupta, Ravindra Nathpal, N.Vijaya, A.Sukumaran Nair, Shankar
Nagesh Navalgundkar, Mohanlal Chhipa and Suryanath Kamath.

In one sweep, Dr Joshi has managed to fill the institute with pro-
BJP academicians ending 50 years of dominance by the Congress and
pro-left academicians there.


First, the article is a clear admission that the leftists have
dominated the intellectual space so far.
Second, the article also implies that such domination is
legitimate, even if there is an intellectual and monetary fraud,
as in the case of ICHR.

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