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HVK Archives: Govt to present white paper on ISI

Govt to present white paper on ISI - Economic Times

Posted By Ashok Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
October 16, 1998

Title: Govt to present white paper on ISI
Publication: Economic Times
Date: October 16, 1998

THE GOVERNMENT will present a white paper to Parliament on the ISI's
subversive activities in the country. This was agreed to at the
Consultative Committee meeting of the home ministry here today. The
meeting, chaired by Union home minister L K Advani, was attended by 21
members of Parliament who unanimously raised the demand for a white
paper on ISI-sponsored terrorism in the country.

Mr Advani-who has always accorded top priority to quelling the proxy war
unleashed by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere-briefed the MPs
on the initiatives taken over the last few months to counter the
activities of ISI agents, insurgents and anti-national elements.
Concerned at Islamabad's continuing moral and material support to the
terrorists in the form of arms, equipment and training, the minister
told the consultative committee members that the matter had been raised
with several friendly nations.

The consultative panel comprising Mr Chander Shekhar Sahu, Mr
Prithiviraj D Chavan, Mr Somnath Chatterjee, Mr G M Banatwalla, Mr T R
Balu, Mr Rajnath Singh, Mr Narender Mohan, Mr Kuldip Nayar, Mr Arun
Shourie and others urged Mr Advani to take all possible measures to
defeat ISI's anti-India designs and apprise the people about the real
situation in this regard.

The members also took exception to the mushrooming of madrasas along the
Indo-Nepal border, which they linked to the ISI's communal agenda.

Calling upon the government to keep a close watch on the goings-on in
these madrasas, they demanded that a crackdown be made on all communal
activities in the country.

The home minister informed the consultative committee that the
government had intensified border patrolling, provided equipment to
security forces for effective observation, increased the number of
border posts and strengthened the intelligence network. These steps, the
minister claimed, had helped to improve the security situation in Jammu
and Kashmir. Not only had 18 ISI modules in the country been smashed,
but a large number of terrorists were either arrested or killed and more
than 47,700 weapons recovered from them.

The government's decision to prepare a white paper on the ISI's
activities in the country comes barely a day after the issue was
discussed at length at a meeting of northern states' chief ministers
convened by the Union home ministry.

The CM's conference, which agreed that Centre-state coordination was
needed to defeat ISI-sponsored terrorism, finalised a seven-point action
plan to achieve the needful.

Among the main features of the action plan were setting up of a special
taskforce to tackle terrorism and inter-state gangs, modernisation of
police force by providing them updated weaponry and equipment, more
effective sharing of intelligence between the Central and state agencies
and amending of criminal laws to counter the strategies adopted by the

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