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HVK Archives: Survey says 51% people want BJP govt to continue

Survey says 51% people want BJP govt to continue - The Economic Times

Political Bureau ()
October 24, 1998

Title: Survey says 51% people want BJP govt to continue
Author: Political Bureau
Publication: The Economic Times
Date: October 24, 1998

A survey conducted in eight metropolitan cities concludes that 51 per
cent of the people want the BJP-led government to continue in office,
but 42 per cent are dissatisfied with its performance.

Assembly elections to four states, two BJP-ruled are due on November 25,
and according to ,the survey price rise remains a major sore point with
the people interviewed.

A release by Development and Research Services from Mr GVL Narasimha Rao
conducted a survey among 2,050 voters in the first fortnight of October.

Asked to comment on the working of the Vajpayee government, the divide
was virtually half. While 42 per cent reported satisfaction with the
government's performance, 38 per cent expressed their displeasure.
Twenty per cent, however, remained non-commital.

The central government which is tackling with a rising consumer price
index and inflation rate would not be surprised by what people surveyed
had to say about the major problem facing them.

Price rise was mentioned by 42 per cent as a major shortcoming of the
government whereas 17 per cent felt the BJP government had failed to
live up to its promise to provide a stable government. For 13 per cent,
"lack of development" was the main grievance against the central

The efforts of CPI(M)-led non-BJP Opposition to form an alternative
government has failed to evoke any enthusiasm among the voters going by
the survey. After two shortlived United Front governments, 51 per cent
of those polled favour a continuation of the Vajpayee government. A mere
36 per cent of those polled are against a change in the government.

The May 11-13 nuclear tests are considered as the key achievement of the
government with 44 per cent supporting the decision. Foreign policy,
too, gets a supporting hand from those surveyed.

Home minister L K Advani, criticised by the Opposition for targetting
ISI of Pakistan for political reasons, has won hands down hi the survey.
Picked up for his best performance, 58 per cent polled in Mr Advani's
favour while Samata Party leader and defence minister, Mr George
Fernandes came a close second with 54 per cent support.

The individual rating of these ministers was higher than the approval
rating of just 42 per cent for the central government.

Finance minister, Mr Yashwant Sinha, has reasons to cheer about with 45
per cent rating and human resources minister, Mr Murli Manohar Joshi,
currently embroiled in a controversy to change the education curricula,
securing 44 per cent.

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