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HVK Archives: West looks towards East for healing touch

West looks towards East for healing touch - The Indian Express

A K Dhar ()
October 26, 1998

Title: West looks towards East for healing touch
Author: A K Dhar
Publication: The Indian Express
Date: October 26, 1998

Introduction: The first ayurvedic medical college in UK with 44
students was set up earlier this year

Ayurveda, along with Chinese and Tibetan medi-care, appears all
set to storm the West, with more and more people in Europe
disillusioned with allopathy, turning to this ancient Indian
system of medicine.

Despite tougher health regulatory measures by the European
countries to stonewall the import of ayurvedic medicines, the
Indian medicines have gained popularity and acceptance over the
years with some NRI's venturing out to manufacture them on
European mainland.

Brij Mohan Gupta and his wife Rajni, one of the pioneers of
ayurveda medicines in United Kingdom started their company
'Multilinks' in 1996, and in less then two years, their diabetes
control Charantia Karela capsules have become a runway success.

e started with a little bank loan and today, in just under two
years, we are maintaining a client base in 13 countries across
all continents. Multilinks turnover is approaching half million
sterling mark, Brij Mohan said.

"We had to work hard to convince the health regulators here, who
are very strict. We set up state of the art plants using fresh
vegetables and spices to make these products," Gupta said. In
two years, the capsules were included in the British Diabetic
Association's guidance leaflets.

"The reasons our capsules found acceptance was because they are
100 per cent natural. We use no added chemicals. Even the shell
of the capsules are made from pure vegetables rather than
gelatin or meat-based sources," he claimed.

Gupta's success has driven him on and he has gone on to launch a
number of other ayurveda products including garlic capsules,
ginger capsules and live tonic for liver preventive diseases.
"We now plan to introduce a range of healthy Asian snacks and
set up ayurvedic medical centres in cities across United
Kingdom," he said.

Roger Stanton, 39, a Britisher said he had begun showing early
slab of high blood glucose levels in 1995 and two years later he
almost became insulin dependent. "My national health scheme
doctors could not subscribe any allopathic medicine for sugar
control till somebody pointed out to me the Karela capsules.
Today my blood sugar is under control."

The Ayurveda Association celebrated its 20th anniversary here at
a function in Ealing Town Hall. The president of the Ayurveda
Association of UK, Dr S Godagame said, he interest is so much
that earlier this year we ventured to open the first ever
ayurvedic medical college here with a batch of 44 students. Most
of them British and practising general practitioners of the
national health scheme," he said.

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