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HVK Archives: The cost of terrorism in India

The cost of terrorism in India - The Times of India

Times of India News Service ()
October 30, 1998

Title: The cost of terrorism in India
Author: Times of India News Service
Publication: The Times of India
Date: October 30, 1998

Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in India has claimed the lives of
29,151 civilians and 5.101 security personnel, caused 4,730
explosions and rendered 2,78,601 persons homeless.

Nearly 51,810 kg of high explosives, mostly RDX, have been
inducted into India and the loss to private and public property
is estimated at Rs 2,000 crore, according to the proposed draft
of a white paper on Pakistan sponsored terrorism in India.

The draft says the cost of compensation paid to the victims,
border fencing, raising of local anti-terrorist forces works out
to Rs 18,500 crore while the estimated expenditure on the army
and paramilitary forces deployed is in the range of Rs 46.000
crore. Sixty-one thousand automatic and other sophisticated
weapons have been smuggled into India of which 47,700 have been

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