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HVK Archives: BJP embarrasses Congress, CPM with quotations

BJP embarrasses Congress, CPM with quotations - The Asian Age

Posted By Krishnakant Udavant (kkant@bom2.vsnl.net.in)
November 17, 1998

Title: BJP embarrasses Congress, CPM with quotations
Publication: The Asian Age
Date: November 17, 1998

CPI(M) on Congress: "All the poisonous creatures - snakes,
scorpions, centipedes, blood-sucking leeches and what not - have
trooped out into the country's political world."

Congress on CPI(M): "Their national importance has been
dwindling." This is a part of the press release issued on Monday
by the BJP which, in a bid to embarrass the Congress and the CPM
after Mrs Sonia Gandhi's meeting with Mr Jyoti Basu, has
compiled statements from CPM publications that are highly
critical of the Congress.

The party also quoted from the 1998 Congress manifesto, which
said the Left parties had not been able to "integrate themselves
into the national mainstream."

"If there is anything that is common between the Congress and
the CPM, it is their political immorality. Both were
conclusively rejected by the people in the 1998 general
election. But such is the Congress' hunger for power at any cost
and so shallow is the CPM's commitment to democratic verdicts,
the two have come together to force an opportunistic alliance,"
BJP general secretary M. Venkaiah Naidu, who released the
compilation of statements, said. "(During the 1998 election),
comrade Jyoti Basu scoffed at Sonia Gandhi repeatedly, referring
to her as 'that woman' in election rallies. Today, the same
Jyoti Basu and his colleague, comrade Harkishan Singh Surjeet,
have discovered that the CPM can once again play the role of
power-broker by appending itself as a tail to the Congress," Mr
Naidu said.

Among the statements that were made by the CPM against the
Congress in the past, and released again by the BJP on Monday,

* The Congress government has become synonymous with public loot
... Corruption has become a way of life for the ruling
(Congress) party in running the administration. It is bent upon
shielding the guilty in the Bofors kickbacks case ... An
effective secular opposition formation at the national level can
come into being only when a programme distinct from the Congress
policies is evolved (1995).

* Congress has betrayed national security interests (1996).

* Congress least concerned for national unity (1996).

* Let the people raise the slogan - vinash and vikas. Vinash
for the Congress, vikas for the people and the country.

* Congress, which was increasingly worried about the
investigations into corruption of its top leaders, intervened
and withdrew support to the Gowda government and demanded his
ouster as a price for continuing support (1998).

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