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HVK Archives: Muslim students recited Saraswati Vandana, says Hindu

Muslim students recited Saraswati Vandana, says Hindu - The Afternoon Despatch & Courier

Posted By Krishnakant Udavant (kkant@bom2.vsnl.net.in)
November 24, 1998

Title: Muslim students recited Saraswati Vandana, says Hindu
Publication: The Afternoon Despatch & Courier
Date: November 24, 1998

In a revealing disclosure, a scholar of Hindu scriptures, Pandit
Sam Bhargava, has claimed that Muslim students recited Saraswati
Vandana in a school bang next to Darul-Uloom at Deoband, the
school of the highest Islamic learning the world over after Al
Azhar in Cairo.

"There was no opposition from Muslims to singing Saraswati
Vandana then," the scholar, who originally hails from Deoband in
Saharanpur district in Uttar Pradesh, claimed;

According to him, till the fifth standard he was educated in the
Urdu medium at Deoband. "The name of the school was Harpatrai
Anglo-Vedic School and it was not run by the Rashtriya
Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), although it was a private school," he
said, adding that there were scores of Muslim students in the
school who also sang Saraswati Vandana each morning as the
school opened.

"This, I am talking of 1950-51. And, our school was bang next to
Darul-Uloom. I used to visit its campus almost everyday and
mostly played in its compound," he recalled.

According to Pandit Bhargava, since his school was next to Darul-
Uloom, the teachers and students there (Darul-Uloom) were aware
that "we, including our Muslim school mates, recited Saraswati
Vandana each morning, but nobody ever objected".

"It is unfortunate that the issue is being politicised now," he
lamented, and claimed that as a student he knew the Kalma
(without reciting which one cannot become a Muslim) and recited
it almost everyday. "No one in my family objected to it and I
liked reciting the Kalma, " he said.

Mr. Bhargava, who can read the Holy Quran as well as any Muslim
zealot can, repeated the Vandana: "Yakundendu Tushar dhar
dhavla, Ya shubhra vastra vrita" (you are like the spotless moon
of winter, you are white like snow and your clothes are
spotless), and said that Saraswati, being the symbol of
learning, has been conceived as "pure white".

"White is the colour of the intellect and intellect has nothing
to do with any religion. The Vandana is solely dedicated to
knowledge," Pandit Bhargava claimed.

"I have absolutely no problems if you call me a Musalman,
because Musalman means a person whose faith is continuous and
unbroken. Mine unquestionably is," he said. "I wish the
Saraswati Vandana issue is not politicised," the Pandit said...

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