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  • A case for education, prosperity for Indian masses (letter)
    • Prafull Goradia    The Asian Age - November 23, 1998
      • >>>Sir, This is with reference to the report Cleric asks Muslims to avoid UP schools (November. 20). Declaration of a fatwa a against fatwa is an unusual development. The first fatwa was issued by three Maulanas of the Darul-Uloom, Deoband; and, the second has been issued by chairman of the All India Muslim ...
  • A little does of religion - prescription for row
  • A selective memory
    • M. V. Kamath    The Hindustan Times - November 21, 1998
      • >>>The CPI-M leaders' violent reaction to Mr L. K. Advani's revealing comments on the Communist role during the Quit India Movement indicates a delightful forgetfulness; or, in the more expressive words of Srimathi J. Jayalalitha, a selective memory, worthy of better causes. Methinks the Comrades protest too ...
  • Aiyer's advocacy of Emergency to be poll issue
  • Bahas persecuted in Iran
  • Believe us, we are not ill-treating them
    • S Gurumurthy    The Observer - November 24, 1998
      • >>>'In India, more attacks on Christians' screamed the headlines in Washington Post on page 29 on November 17, 1998. The popular American newspaper said, "India is experiencing a new wave of communal conflict. Hindus, who make up 82 per cent of the country's 950 million people, are attacking Christians - a 2 per ...
  • BJP embarrasses Congress, CPM with quotations
  • Blasphemy - After Taslima Nasareen's Lajja Tehmina Durrani's
    • Muzaffar Hussain    Organiser - November 22, 1998
      • >>>It should not surprise anyone if the oft-debated Pakistani writer Tahmina Durrani matchest the uneviable position of the Bangladeshi Taslima Nasareen. Taslima has in her novel Lajja advocated the cause of the minorities in Bangladesh and in the process has bitterly attacked the Muslim orthodoxy. In her turn ...
  • Can Pakistan survive?
    • Dina Nath Mishra    The Observer - November 12, 1998
      • >>>It is no secret that Pakistan's economic and financial conditions have deteriorated further after the nuclear explosion in May this year. It is virtually on the brink of collapse. Bill Clinton has lifted some of the economic sanctions mainly to help Pakistan. The problem is not confined to this alone. The fact is that the ...
  • Celluloid stereotypes of Islam
    • Edward Zwick    The Times of India - November 19, 1998
      • >>>"Insidious, incendiary and dangerous." That is how the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee has chosen to characterise my film: "The Siege" in a letter sent to every major media outlet in the Americas. The group's objections ...
  • Cong pacifies Mamata on Sonia-Basu meet
    • Vijay Simha    The Indian Express - November 17, 1998
      • >>>The Congress today tried to mollify Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee after her criticism of the Sonia Gandhi-Jyoti Basu meeting, saying that the Congress-CPM togetherness was on secularism - an issue Mamata has already raised. ...
  • Congress shedding crocodile tears over secularism: BJP
    • Observer Political Bureau    The Observer - November 12, 1998
      • >>>The BJP on Wednesday charged the Congress with playing communal card in every election and shedding crocodile tears for secularism during non-election times. Pegging its charge around Congress President Sonia Gandhi's election speech in mizoram's Christian-dominated areas, the BJP accused the Congress of ...
  • Film lorifying communist movement faces criticism
    • P.K. Surendran    The Times of India - November 24, 1998
      • >>>After the book it is cinema. The ruling CPM of Kerala, charged with "crimsonising" bid of history-writing, is now drawing flak for "glorifying" the communist movement in a movie. Pulayars (a scheduled caste) on Monday took out a protest march ...
  • Foreign militants woo locals with money in Poonch
    • Arun Sharma    The Indian Express - November 24, 1998
      • >>>Foreign mercenaries, who would earlier use the gun to get the locals in the border districts of Poonch an Rajouri to accede to their demands, have shifted strategy in the face of an unyielding populace. They are now trying to lure the locals with money, says General Officer Commanding, 25 Division, Major General V S Yadav.
  • Fragmented view - Focus on future nuclear policy
    • K Subrahmanyam    The Times of India - November 9, 1998
      • >>>Pittsburgh: Indian analysts and commentators visiting the US face two sets of questions on the nuclear issue. The first relates to the motivation of the BJP government in the timing of the tests and domestic political rivalries focused on nuclear capability. The second are mostly from Americans with a more pragmatic ...
  • From refugees to bonded labour
    • Shyam Koul    Kashmir Sentinel - September 1 - October 15, 1998
      • >>>Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister, Dr Farooq Abdullah's spasmodic exhortations to displaced Pandits to pack up and go back to Kashmir, have by now become the premier joke for the homeless community. They have grown to learn that he is not very serious about it, which he himself knows too. It must be said though ...
  • Gandhian approach to religion & modernity
    • Madhuri Santanam Sondhi    The Times of India - November 24, 1998
      • >>>The Indian debate on secularism moves between several interpretations: (1) the original western sense ,is separation of state and religion; (2) the impartiality of state arbitration between competing religions; (3) a belief system opposed to religion, and (4) equal recognition to all religions. The ...
  • Guatemala Mayans flex political muscles
    • Posted By Krishnakant Udavant    The Hindu - August 17, 1996
      • >>>On a set of Maya ruins at the outskirts of this capital, the Vice President of Guatemala last month swore in 21 Maya priests as members of a new government-sponsored Council of Elders. Throwing flower petals and sugar into a crackling fire as they chanted and danced, the shamans in turn bestowed their official ...
  • he Left distorts (Interview with Arun Shourie)
    • Swapan Dasgupta    India Today - November 23, 1998
      • >>>Controversy and Arun Shourie are inseparable. He, has taken on governments, politicians and corporate houses, championed contentious causes and assumed the role of India's permanent gadfly. After questioning the mythology centred on Babasaheb Ambedkar and offending Dalit activists, Shourie has now targeted ...
  • High on opinion polls, low on the future
    • M. J. Akbar    The Asian Age - November 15, 1998
      • >>>After years of sobriety, the Congress High Command is feeling high once again: there is nothing more than the faint whiff of opinion polls in the air and jostling has started for portfolios. Two polls have put the Congress ahead of the BJP in the Assembly elections for Delhi and Rajasthan, and even the ...
  • Ill-treatment of Christians in India
  • India tops Osama bin Laden's hit-list
    • Gaurav C Sawant    The Indian Express - November 24, 1998
      • >>>India tops the priority list of countries targeted by Osama bin Laden. The USA is second, followed by United Kingdom and Israel. A recent encounter between the Army and Afghan infiltrators near the Haji Pir pass in the Pir Panjal ranges and the material recovered from their possession has revealed this startling ...
  • ISI pushing Pak armymen to keep militancy alive in J&K
    • Press Trust of India    The Observer - November 9, 1998
      • >>>Pakistan's Inter-services Intelligence (ISI) is inducting its regular armymen into Jammu & Kashmir to keep alive militancy in the valley, a senior police official has said. This new gameplan of using "regular Pak armymen" was uncovered ...
  • Living in the ISI's shadow
    • Maloy Krishna Dhar    Kashmir Sentinel - September 1 - October 15, 1998
      • >>>Our Political masters, Jayalalitha included, cry hoarse about the foreign hand whenever their cup of milk sours, their favourite targets being the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or that ogrenext-door, Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Their noises, however, do not reflect the extent of the danger India a ...
  • Living outside heritage - Who's afraid of Sanskrit?
    • Bharat Gupta    The Indian Express - November 20, 1998
      • >>>Nearly two thousand years ago, a poet commented on the Indian scene: "Intellectuals are engaged in envious quarrels, rulers are intoxicated by arrogance, the people are burdened with lack of education and so Good Speech is weak and emaciated." It is not difficult to imagine that, there have been repeated moments of ...
  • Muslim students recited Saraswati Vandana, says Hindu
  • Nature of Pak's proxy was changing: Advani
  • Nuclear deterrence
    • K Subrahmanyam    The Economic Times - November 26, 1998
      • >>>In this country among the intellectuals there is strong aversion to the doctrine of nuclear deterrence, though of late the BJP government has put forward minimum deterrence as its strategic policy. Though leaders of other parties have not been as vocal as the BJP leadership on nuclear deterrence, the fact that the ...
  • Nuclear Elimination - A disarming argument from India
    • Muchkund Dubey    The Times of India - November 19, 1998
      • >>>Mr Strobe Talbott must be congratulated for the clear-cut, precise and lucid manner in which he has enunciated in the article that appeared in the November 13 issue of The Times of India, "the American perspective" on the diplomatic process going on between the US on the one hand and India and Pakistan ...
  • On the forgiving trail (Letter)
    • D. K. Saraf    The Asian Age - July 4, 1996
      • >>>Sir, This refers to Mr Z. Kittler's letter, Mother not so Saintly, I fully support Mr Kitler's disapproval of Mother Teresa who, instead of refuting the charges, perpetually prays for those who criticise her. ...
  • Our students don know India's problems (Interview with Murli Manohar Joshi)
    • Debashish Mukerji    The Week - November 15, 1998
      • >>>The cabinet minister most closely identified with RSS is certainly Dr Murli Manohar Joshi. With his prominent tilak, his angavastram and choti, he still looks the RSS pracharak he had been for many years. It was widely held that Joshi, a former physics professor in Allahabad University, was allotted the ...
  • Pakistani terrorist body to target Himachal Pradesh
    • Press Trust of India    The Indian Express - November 9, 1998
      • >>>A Pakistani Islamic militant group has declared that it is going to further expand its militant activities in India by including Himachal Pradesh and claimed that it has sent large number of Pakistani trained terrorists for strikes in Kashmir since last year.
  • Secular love for Macaulay
    • Rakesh Sinha    The Hindustan Times - November 3, 1998
      • >>>The conference of education ministers, which turned into a political battleground, served one great purpose by triggering a debate on the nature and content of our education policy. The agenda of the HRD Ministry to 'Indianise, nationalise, and spiritualise' the education system, which was regarded by the ...
  • ssaulting_India's pluralist ethos (Letter)
    • D. Harikumar, Kochi    The Hindu - November 6, 1998
      • >>>Sir, - This has reference to the articles, ssaulting India's pluralist ethos (The Hindu, Oct. 26) by Ms. Malini Parthasarathy and "BJP belies hopes of moderation" (The Hindu, Oct. 28) by Mr. Inder Malhotra. The core of their argument is that the (so-called) Indianisation, nationalisation and ...
  • The growing menace of pseudo-secularism
    • M. V. Kamath    Organiser - November 22, 1998
      • >>>One of the saddest, most tragic things one is being forced to witness these days is the degradation of secularism by its most vocal champions, the secularists themselves. We have reached a stage where, in the name of secularism, a determined effort is made to denigrate India's culture and national heritage and even ...
  • The Holy trek to Sabarimala
    • K Vaidyanathan    The Observer - November 21, 1998
      • >>>A few years ago, when SV Pillai was Chairman of Pfizer Limited, he was under great tension. His company was on strike, his irate employers summoned him to Hong Kong for consultations, and back home in Ernakulam, his brother had suffered a heart attack. "All I could do was pray to Lord Ayyappa in Sabarimala. Thank God, the ...
  • Vidya Bharati: in the RSS tradition
    • Debashish Mukerji    The Week - November 15, 1998
      • >>>Like all good RSS pracharaks, Dinanath Batra is forthright with his views but diffident when it comes to talking about himself. Born in 1932 in Dera Gazi Khan - now in Pakistan - he has been an educationist all his working life, initially as headmaster of the DAV School at Dera Bassi in Patiala district, and ...
  • Voices of Sonia - What she says depends on the ghost writer at hand
    • Swapan Dasgupta    India Today - November 23, 1998
      • >>>Among the more uncharitable things said about Rajiv Gandhi was the accusation that he was prone to believing the person he spoke to last. No such charge has been levelled against the current head of the Congress. A possible reason could be that no one really has the remotest idea what Sonia Gandhi actually ...
  • Who said the BJP is faring bad?
    • M. V. Kamath    The Free Press Journal - November 19, 1998
      • >>>The fight between the opposition Congress and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party never mind their supporters in other parties - is now on and it promises to be bitter. In February/ March earlier this year the Congress was effectively disowned by the nation and for very good reasons. The Congress Party had ...

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