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HVK Archives: This is ingratitude, Mirwaiz Farooq

This is ingratitude, Mirwaiz Farooq - The Indian Express

Sultan Shahin ()
January 4, 1999

Title: This is ingratitude, Mirwaiz Farooq
Author: Sultan Shahin
Publication: The Indian Express
Date: January 4, 1999

Indisputably, Indian government is the known enemy of Islamand
Muslims. It is trying its best to prevent the establishment of
a big Islamic state like greater Pakistan in the Indian
subcontinent and believes that Kashmir's accession to Pakistan
means a fearsome Islamic power which would in turn help protect
the Muslims."

That you could make such wild statements while speaking to the
Saudi journal Al-Madina recently without fear of untoward
consequences back home is itself the biggest contradiction of
your preposterous allegations. One need not say any more. But,
Mirwaiz Farooq, you are a tragic figure incur minds and we feel
great compassion for you. You were just 18 when your father the
Mirwaiz was killed by Kashmiri militancy on account of his
sensible, moderate views about Islam and Kashmiri nationalism.
This thrust you in the hereditary position of the Mirwaiz, and
led to your donning the mantle of the Chairman of Hurriyat
Conference. But it also stopped your education and it now seems
blocked your intellectual growth.

It seems rather foolish for someone to be sitting in Saudi
Arabia and saying: "If Muslims are committed to Islamic Sharia
they can form a great civilisational world power". Can there be
greater nonsense than this? Is Saudi Arabia not committed to
Islamic Sharia? And is this American colony not "a great
civilisational world power"? Is Pakistan, the country you want
Kashmir to accede to, not committed to Islamic Sharia, at least
since 1956? And is this IMF-colony not "a great civilisational
world power"?

I must tell you Omar Farooq, in case you do not know, you are
very lucky to be an Indian national and not a citizen of either
of these "great civilisational world powers". Do you know what
happens to Saudis who dare to speak a word against the Monarchy,
which as you must know is a patently un-Islamic system of
government? They are beheaded publicly without any trial. And
what about the country of your choice, Pakistan? Right now the
leader of opposition and former Prime Minister is fighting for
an exit visa from the country she ruled for two terms. Benazir
Bhutto cannot even leave Pakistan, not to speak of living there.

Do give a thought to this fact sometimes, Omar Farooq. You are
the leader of a secessionist movement. You want to break up a
country that hates your people and your religion, as you say,
but allows you to go around the world and spew venom against it,
to condemn it in the vilest of language, level what ever
baseless allegations you want to charge it with. Is your
country a greater civilisation, a more confident democracy?

As a Kashmiri leader you must be aware of the plight of fellow
Kashmiris in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. I was in Pakistan
recently and happened to meet some ex-militants from Indian
Kashmir in Rawalpindi. They had received their training in
"Azad" Kashmir. It was what they learnt about Pakistan there
that caused their disillusionment. As they said, "Azad"
Kashmiris can't even apply for jobs without first signing a
declaration stating that they believe in the idea of Kashmiri
accession to Pakistan. The fact that the state of Pakistan
forces them to say that means that it knows they do not want to
remain a part of Pakistan. And why should they? Pakistan has
already sold part of their land to China. It had no right to do
so. It has handed over the entire Northern Areas of Gilgit and
Baluchistan, two-thirds of the area under its occupation, to its
armed forces. The other one-third has been designated as the so-
called 'Azad Kashmir', but it is run by the Ministry of Kashmir
Affairs at Islamabad which is usually headed by a non-Kashmiri
who doesn't even know the distance between Muzaffarabad and
Bagh. It has an Assembly which doesn't have the powers of even
a municipal committee.

You are indeed lucky to be an Indian citizen, Omar Farooq. It
is nobody's case that all is well in India, that we have no
problems of any kind. Yes, there have been violations of human
rights in Kashmir and elsewhere. Yes, there is intolerance in
our society too. But we are free to fight against the
injustices. You are free even to run a secessionist movement.
Court your blessings too, sometimes, Omar Farooq. Ingratitude
is akin to kufr (disbelief) in Islam.

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