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HVK Archives: BJP responds to Congress stand on Hinduism

BJP responds to Congress stand on Hinduism - BJP Website

J.P. Mathur, Vice-President BJP ()
January 19, 1999

Title: BJP responds to Congress stand on Hinduism
Author: J.P. Mathur, Vice-President BJP
Publication: BJP Website
Date: January 19, 1999

It is heartening that the principal Opposition party, the Indian
National Congress, has now grudgingly endorsed the correctness of the
BJP's thrust on strengthening the core of Indian nationalism. The
resolution of the Congress Working Committee on January 16, 1999 has
correctly stated that "Hinduism is the most effective guarantor of
secularism" in India.

Since its inception, the BJP has concentrated its energies on
strengthening Indian nationalism. The Congress resolution echoes the
BJP's conviction that Hindutva is the bedrock of Indian nationalism and
National identity. It also affirms the view of the Supreme Court that
Hindutva is a way of life.

The CWC resolution is a repudiation of motivated attempts by the
Congress party itself to characterise the BJP's ideology of cultural
nationalism as "communal" and "anti-secular". Now that the Congress
president, Smt. Sonia Gandhi, has discovered the teachings of Swami
Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi, the BJP hopes that the Congress will be
faithful to the teachings of these great sons of India.

Past experience, however, suggests that for the Congress, secularism has
been a matter of electoral expediency. Its so-called secularism,
essentially targeted against the majority community, has always been
mortgaged to vote-bank politics, with disastrous consequences for the
nation. The BJP hopes the CWC resolution marks a genuine change of heart
and a belated recognition of national realities.

The BJP believes that Indian nationhood should not be a matter of
partisan politics. It is the duty of all political parties, regardless
of their other differences, to uphold nationalism and strengthen the
cultural foundations of Indian identity. "Hindu" and "Hindutva" should
not be made terms of abuse, as some secular fundamentalists in the
Congress and the Left have done. Only then will it be possible to
strengthen genuine secularism, root out intolerance and ensure the
dignity of all Indians through the principle of sarva dharma sama bhav.

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