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HVK Archives: Secularism: Hypocrisy at its best (Excerpt)

Secularism: Hypocrisy at its best (Excerpt) - Indian Currents

Jacob Kaniyaraseril ()
January 11-17, 1999

Title: Secularism: Hypocrisy at its best (Excerpt)
Author: Jacob Kaniyaraseril
Publication: Indian Currents
Date: January 11-17, 1999

At the same time it is a matter of great concern that some protestant
Christian groups adopt a rigid and fundamentalist attitude in their
propagation of faith. While the major Protestant Churches in India have
a sound doctrine and central leadership rooted in genuine faith and
knowledge there are innumerable splinter groups which cannot claim to
have anything but fanatical ideals, partial truths and partisan
approach. There are several independent Protestant "Churches" in India
which consist of a pastor and a handful of his followers. One pastor of
a major church had recently said in a meeting - "there are also pastors
without congregation". Such pastors work day and night to increase the
number of his followers and they target mainly the Catholics to add to
their kitty.

The literal and wrong interpretations of the Bible by such "leaders" is
often misleading and causing confusion in the minds of others. The
condemnation of other people, their faith, practices etc. are to be
condemned by the genuine Christians. Unhealthy practices like free
distribution of Bible to non-Christians and making them sign on it, late
night prayer sessions which becomes hysteric and nuisance to the
neighbours etc. are to be checked.

The people of other faith don't know the difference between the various
Christian Churches and groups. For them anyone who bears a Christian
name and wears a cross and carries a Bible is Isai, Christian. Those
who misuse these sacred objects for their own selfish motives are
inviting the wrath of others. It is a fact that the Catholic Church and
some other major Protestant Churches in India had to suffer for the
recklessness of some un-Christian 'Christian' groups. It is time for
everyone, especially the leaders of various Churches in India, to ensure
that no un-Christian activities are being done in the name of

At this critical juncture the duly of every true Christian is to make
sure that the "Christians" do not dig the grave for Christians in India.

Only the united force of the Christians together with the support of all
the like-minded secular people can beat the hypocritical secularists and
protect true secularism and the rights of the minorities.

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