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  • A growing menace
    • Editorial    The Hindustan Times - January 7, 1999
      • >>>The Union Government yet to react to Assam Governor S. K. Sinha's somewhat unconventional report warning the Centre of the dangerous implications of the steadily rising rate of illegal entry of Bangladeshi and other nationals into Assam and the North-Eastern region. But it will find it difficult not to ...
  • After selling himself in the flesh market
    • Arun Shourie    The Observer - January 15, 1999
      • >>>Arun Shourie is not a historian. He is a mythologist of Hindu communalism. He is a political pornographer," declared one of these eminent historians, K N Panikkar, in Kerala the other day. He had been asked for an answer to the facts I had set out in Eminent Historians. And he was giving reasons why it was beneath ...
  • And threats from America and sermons from Pakistan
    • S Gurumurthy    The Observer - January 19, 1999
      • >>>The Pope is concerned about the "attacks on the Christians in India." The Americans are even thinking of sanctions against India for "repression" of Christians. A West German minister says that the anti-Christian incidents in India have caused a "dent in the image of India" as a tolerant nation.
  • Bhagwat sacked for defiance, says PM
    • Express News Service    The Indian Express - January 1, 1999
      • >>>The controversy involving Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat and Vice-Admiral Harinder Singh was neither the only reason nor the most important factor behind yesterday's dismissal, Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee said here today. Admiral Bhagwat was sacked because of his defiance of civilian authority on a "sustained basis," Vajpayee said ...
  • Bhagwat=27s_sacking_is_not_=27communal=2C=27_he? _deserves_it?Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 16:49:43 -0000
    • Virendra Kapoor    The Free Press Journal - January 2, 1999
      • >>>Though no doubt unfortunate. it will be highly mischievous to give the dismissal of Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat as Navy Chief a communal colour. Sadly enough, such attempts have already begun. The sacked chief and his more forthcoming wife, Niloufer, have been now joined by a section of the media in their ...
  • Big role of mercenaries in J&K insurgency
    • Srinand Jha    The Observer - January 4, 1999
      • >>>Foreign mercenaries - including professional killers from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sudan - are overtly involved in fueling insurgency and subversion tactics in Jammu' and Kashmir, and intense efforts have been initiated to push through additional groups of trained militants from Pakistan, available ...
  • BJP responds to Congress stand on Hinduism
    • J.P. Mathur, Vice-President BJP    BJP Website - January 19, 1999
      • >>>It is heartening that the principal Opposition party, the Indian National Congress, has now grudgingly endorsed the correctness of the BJP's thrust on strengthening the core of Indian nationalism. The resolution of the Congress Working Committee on January 16, 1999 has correctly stated that "Hinduism is the most effective guarantor of ...
  • Christian newsletter adds fuel to row
    • Yashwant Raj    The Times of India - January 21, 1999
      • >>>NEW DELHI: A Christian organisation's newsletter has, by falling into the "wrong" hands, added fuel to the conversion controversy for its use of certain words to describe its religious activity in the country. Printed by Reverend C. George and Dr Alex P. Abraham, the newsletter, ...
  • Christmas without Christ in the U.K.
    • L.K. Sharma    The Times of India - December 28, 1998
      • >>>The clash between Christmas and commerce got intensified this season as one supermarket chain ventured to do business as usual on Christmas day. For every one who came to protest against this ungodly act, there ...
  • Church apologises for distortions in translation
    • UNI    The Hindu - January 8, 1999
      • >>>An allegedly distorted translation of the most sacred book of Vaishnavite hymns into church prayer in Sibsagar in Upper Assam has snowballed into a major controversy even as the district administration was playing a mediatory role. ...
  • Counting_on_kafirs=27_ignorance?Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 16:50:44 -0000
    • Virendra Parekh    The Observer - January 2, 1999
      • >>>Now that Pakistan is on the way to becoming a Muslim theocracy, writes Syed Qaisar Mahmood in Times of India dated (2112-98), it will be obliged to show much more care and consideration towards its minorities. ...
  • Demographic invasion
  • Gujarat attacks not against Sonia
    • Jyotirmoy Datta    The Observer - January 19, 1999
      • >>>The recent spate of attacks on Christians in Gujarat had "nothing to do with" Congress President Sonia Gandhi, a top leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has said. Asked if the targetting of Christians was part of a political ...
  • Interview with Keshubhai Patel, CM of Gujarat
    • George Iype    The Rediff On The Net - Jan 5th, 1999
      • >>>'Why should I apologise for everything that is happening in the state?' Gujarat Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel has come under fire from religious groups, opposition parties and the Bharatiya Janata Party ...
  • Muslim_girls_break_out_of_=27cloistered_homemak? er=27__mould=2C_take_to_classroom?Date: Wed, 6 Jan
    • Shahnam Minwalla    The Times of India - January 3, 1999
      • >>>The purdah may still be firmly in place. But behind the black veil, a silent revolution is gaining momentum. Over the last few years, Muslim women-often considered the most backward and suppressed group in the city-have begun to claim ...
  • Muslims in independent India
    • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan    The Observer - January 2, 1999
      • >>>At the request of certain educated Muslims and non-Muslims of Pune, I addressed a common gathering on November 6, 1991 on a topic of their choice, Muslims in Post-Independent India. In preparation for this, I had to assess the Muslim condition ...
  • Nationalism redefined
  • Naxalites_catch_=27em_young?Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 16:20:51 -0000
    • Debashis Bhattacharya    The Telegraph - December 24, 1998
      • >>>Eleven-year-old Gobardhan Jani from Gajapati district wants to be a Nona (Naxalite) when he grows up. Jani, a tribal Class V student of the Gangabeda Upper Primary school, has his reasons for doing so. "Nonas (the local term for ...
  • Press Release on media reports about violent incidents in Gujarat
  • Prostitutes used against Chinese priests
  • Reconversion rath in Red raj
    • Sujan Dutta    The Telegraph - January 12, 1999
      • >>>The saffron brigade has made a deep incursion into Red Bastion Bengal with its mass reconversion drive. Like strife-torn Dangs of Gujarat here too the Vishwa Hindu Parishad's trident has targeted impoverished tribal Christians.
  • Secularism: Hypocrisy at its best (Excerpt)
    • Jacob Kaniyaraseril    Indian Currents - January 11-17, 1999
      • >>>At the same time it is a matter of great concern that some protestant Christian groups adopt a rigid and fundamentalist attitude in their propagation of faith. While the major Protestant Churches in India have a sound doctrine and central leadership rooted in genuine faith and knowledge there are innumerable splinter groups which cannot claim to ...
  • The Hindu trump
    • Editorial    The Times of India - January 19, 1999
      • >>>Some time ago George Mikes, the Hungarian-born British writer, published a tongue-in-cheek bestseller arguing that, ultimately, everyone in the world was a Hungarian. In a political reprise, Sonia Gandhi's Congress has formulated the proposition that everyone is basically a Hindu, if one understands Hinduism to be ...
  • The truth behind the recent Hindu-Christian conflict in Dangs
  • The US can only wait for Muslim revenge: Laden
  • This is ingratitude, Mirwaiz Farooq
    • Sultan Shahin    The Indian Express - January 4, 1999
      • >>>Indisputably, Indian government is the known enemy of Islamand Muslims. It is trying its best to prevent the establishment of a big Islamic state like greater Pakistan in the Indian subcontinent and believes that Kashmir's accession to Pakistan means a fearsome Islamic power which would in turn help protect ...
  • Vedic period settlement discovered in UP
  • Ya Allah! Save us from Saraswati
    • Satiricus    Organiser - December 27, 1998
      • >>>Introduction: Saraswati stands for knowledge, knowledge is for spiritual release, therefore, Saraswati is anti-secular. Satiricus is so sorry to see that stubborn Saraswati refuses to ...

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