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archive: Govt to probe Kargil intrusion

Govt to probe Kargil intrusion

July 18, 1999

    Title: Govt to probe Kargil intrusion
    Author: UNI, PTI
    Publication: Newstime
    Date: July 18, 1999
    National security advisor Brajesh Mishra has said the government would
    soon institute an inquiry to find out how the Pakistani troops
    intruded into the Kargil sector.
    Asked whether there was any intelligence failure as the intrusion
    remained undetected for some time, Mishra said during a programme on
    Star TV that it would come out only after the inquiry was over.  "The
    government is considering the level at which the inquiry will be
    conducted," he said.
    Mishra said as per the present assessment the intrusion started
    sometime during the second week of April.  "It could be that the
    intrusion took place earlier."
    He dismissed reports that the foreign secretaries of India and
    Pakistan would meet in August.  He said nothing had been decided so
    far and there had been no pressure on India from any quarter.
    Mishra said Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee's Lahore visit and the
    Lahore declaration titled the scales in India's favour in the
    diplomatic arena.  "It was not only a violation of Line of Control
    (LoC), but also violation of the Lahore declaration.  Secondly, India
    came out as a responsible nation, when it decided to drive out the
    intruders, but not cross the LoC," said.
    Asked about Pakistan not getting any support from its trusted ally
    China, he said Beijing wanted to avoid an Indo-Pak war because then
    the western countries would have intervened in South Asia.  "For the
    last 4-5 years, China had been asking India and Pakistan to solve the
    Kashmir issue through bilateral talks, he said.
    As regards the US pressure on Islamabad, Mishra said Pakistan and
    India were two different cases.  In Pakistan different cases.  In
    Pakistan there was social discontent and worse economic conditions and
    their situation was quite different from India.
    People here say that the Kargil victory is not India's but America's. 
    Our jawans fought hand-to-hand in freezing altitudes and recovered 290
    bodies of the enemies.  We should not underrate ourselves, he said.
    Mishra, in a separate interview to Doordarshan said that a conducive
    atmosphere was necessary for holding meaningful dialogue with Pakistan
    as "we cannot forget Kargil" and the 'betrayal' so soon.  "We will not
    say no to talks. but a situation has to be created where we feel the
    talks would help."
    He said the government would take measures to ensure that the Kargil
    situation was not repeated by having army presence in the area and
    inducting modern technological methods for surveillance and
    detection.  "There has been no army presence in the area for the last
    27 years," he said.
    Mishra said India would not accept the internationalisation or third
    party mediation on the issue.  "Other countries attention towards us
    has been drawn, we cannot stop that.  But, that does not mean we would
    seek third party mediation.  No, never."

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